Do you remember your first?

  carolineann 21:46 27 Jul 2004

Many years ago I wanted to get rid of some wheel ramps and trolly jacks. The chap who came to see them said he did;nt have much money so would I be prepared to do a swop for a computer he had. I thought why not,I have got to learn sometime. After a lot of hard work and cursing I somehow managed to put it together .switched on , dreadful smell, really really dreadful smell. Took a screw driver to it and found it covered inside in white dust. Cleaned it all out worked perfectly, spent many happy years with it. Upgrading etc, etc. recently ran into the chap who it belonged to.
White dust . he had the computer in his workshop. His job was carving headstones.

I wonder how many other members remember their first?

  JYPX 22:12 27 Jul 2004

carolineann, If you worked for the same company that I do, you would still be USING your first pc.
Things are a little better at home, thank goodness.

  watchful 22:21 27 Jul 2004

I'm sitting in front of mine - it will probably be the first and last:-(

  Forum Editor 22:24 27 Jul 2004

was an IBM mainframe called Tina. Well it wasn't mine exactly, it belonged to the company I worked for then, but I considered it to be mine. It was called Tina because I once had a girlfriend by that name and she was unpredictable too.

We worked in a special air-conditioned room with glass walls, so lesser mortals could look in on us and marvel at the huge disks revolving on their drives. There were lots of little lights that winked - just like the ones in Thunderbirds - and a line printer that made enough noise to wake the dead. They were heady days indeed, and I had no idea that I was laying the foundations for a lifetime of working with Tina's successors. She was a mighty powerful computer by the standards of the day and she filled an entire room, but the desktop machine that I'm using to send these words to the forum could leave her standing.

  hooligan 22:31 27 Jul 2004

As its the one i have now, had it about a yr, it is 10 yrs old and was in the university bin. the moniters just blow up but the rest is ok, i hope for a while longer. Never seen one before only in the dole office.

  ajm 22:38 27 Jul 2004

a few years back when I first arrived in London, bought a top of the range Amstrad 486DX computer, with DOS and Windows 3.x. A couple of years down the line gave the 486DX to a friend ( who still has it and is working !!!!) and bought Pentium 200....progressed to Pentium II machine made by Gateway 2000....after that for a few years built my own mchines until found out that it is cheaaper and better to buy than to built...Currently have a Pentium 4 2.53, 1GB, 120GB, 128MB Graphics on IIYAMA E431 TFT, DVD Writer.......

This thread was written on Apple PowerBook G4 1.5Ghz, OSX 10.3, 1GB, Superdrive, 15" TFT, connected wireless through airport on a Netgear DG834G wireless router

It has been a very knowledgable and exiting journey over the years with the evolution of technology moving at fast speeds and innovation haappening all the time and...but i am getting OLD!!!!!

  Tim1964 00:34 28 Jul 2004

Does a VIC20 count?

  Chegs ® 02:17 28 Jul 2004

About 15 years ago I was given an Apple,it was rescued from the local tip.It had a 5.25 floppy drive,green screen,and I managed to read a bit of the data on the floppy disc it had in it.Apparently,it belonged to a local newsagents and the data was all his customers newspapers/mags they had delivered.It also had their holiday periods,so a "tealeaf" could have used that info to burgle their homes,safe in the knowledge the occupants would be away.

  smokingbeagle 05:54 28 Jul 2004

Not the ZX81 or Spectrum but a ZX80. It started out as white with a membrane keyboard and 1K of RAM built in. The 16K RAM pack was an extra and needed a rubber band to hold it in place. You had to use frozen youghurt or a cold carton of milk to stop it overheating and the white plasic case discoloured from the internal heat.It was 1980.

  spuds 12:05 28 Jul 2004

Had to wait for the delivery of Mr Sinclairs ZX with all the addons, then later upgraded and purchased the Spectrum [still have them today]. Thought it was a miracle when I connected to the Prestel service and ordered some travel catalogues.Asked for one and received one hundred [they thought I was trade instead of Joe Public].

Never did get the hang of them new fangled things, and still cannot use a computer properly to this day.

  denchris 12:51 28 Jul 2004

I too was fired by the ZX80,the 1k enabled you to write 10 lines of basic code, but it led to an enduring affair with computers. Later, Amstrad brought out their machine with a disc drive and Locomotive basic which I used to program my own business software,in 1985 the print-out of one piece ( letter head and invoicing ) was 17 feet long, unimaginable today, great memories...

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