Do you recognise this scenario?

  medicine hat 19:38 09 Mar 2006

click here

Was that site mentioned in the recent news website query? It should have been if not.

  Forum Editor 20:06 09 Mar 2006

but I'm seriously missing the point of this. My fault, I'm sure, but I haven't a clue as to what you're on about.

  jack 20:12 09 Mar 2006

FE- You have company

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:14 09 Mar 2006

It would be churlish of me to point out that the Onion is a mickey take but I have'nt a clue what you are on about.


  ade.h 20:15 09 Mar 2006

Almost anyone who has kids would recognise that scenario or something vaguely similar at least. Toyshop tantrums anyone??

  ade.h 20:17 09 Mar 2006

And a good spoof too, I might add!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:18 09 Mar 2006

The words "spoilt" and "brat" spring to mind.

  gudgulf 22:57 09 Mar 2006

Toy proliferation to the extent it is not possible to see the floor any more is the scenario in my house most of the time :(((

Negotiations broke down and the battle was lost a long time ago.........fortunately as the children age the toys become more acceptable.

Scalextric anyone?????

  wolfie3000 02:09 10 Mar 2006

for me its not the quantity but the price has anyone got a son or daughter with a new mobile phone?
And your billed for the credit of said phone?

The toys nowadays that kids get are pricey,

Xbox 360
mobile phone
expensive designer clothes

The list goes on.

This is gonna make me sound old but in my day it was airfix kits toy cars ect.....

how kids toys have changed.

  watchful 07:34 10 Mar 2006

how kids toys have changed.

Too true and the kids have changed with them. Spoilt is the word that springs to mind. Spending less money on them and giving them more time would be a better investment for the future.

  Pegasus. 17:19 10 Mar 2006

Am I the ONLY Sensible Parent left in the World?

I Taught My Children from an early age the Value (or Not!) of Money & How it Makes the World Wobble when You don't Know How to Balance Your Budget!

My eldest Son Bought his Own Train Set (£100+) at the age of 10 (Saved Up for out of His Pocket Money!)

He has a Mobile Phone of His Own now, I think the last time any Credits were bought for it He Nearly Chucked it Out of the Window when He Noticed How Fast it was Gobbling Up His Savings!

He has 2 pc's in his Room! (near of them online, only used for Games) The last time I poked My Head around the Dorr He was Installing a New (Too Him) CD Drive & some Memory Sticks!

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