Do you pour your Champagne properly?

  peter99co 21:57 12 Aug 2010

click here

Nice when you can get it!

  rdave13 22:58 12 Aug 2010

An acquired taste I think. Only once had a relatively expensive Champagne glass. Tasted like someone had peed in an over 'gassed' lager pint.
My taste buds rejected it.
Some things are revered by some types of people. Good luck to them if they have that type of pallet.

  morddwyd 08:01 13 Aug 2010

"Tasted like someone had peed in an over 'gassed' lager pint."

I bow to your greater experience is this area!

  Quickbeam 08:43 13 Aug 2010

It's best enjoyed when made into a Bucks Fizz, most of the CO2 is dispensed with by doing that.

I remember years ago when I had a taste for Black Velvet, that I thought should be made from Guinness and cider, going to a wedding at a posh hotel and being charged an arm and a leg for the real thing! I went off of it after that...

  Seth Haniel 08:44 13 Aug 2010

as we have a complementary Moet & Chandon (and Strawberries) on our honeymoon cruise in October :)

  carver 08:51 13 Aug 2010

Well you learn some thing every day, and all this time I've just drank it straight from the bottle.

  Quickbeam 08:56 13 Aug 2010

It's good for flushing the nasal passages when drunk straight from the bottle:O

  Seth Haniel 09:25 13 Aug 2010

Grand Prix drivers :)

  wee eddie 09:42 13 Aug 2010

I hit the Débutante Scene in the early 60's.

That's how it's been done for the last 50 years, with the exception of the Parvenus in naff Clubs and 'otels.

Incidentally, there was a lovely Club, just off Piccadilly, called Sybilla's, whose main claim to fame was that each of their Champagne flutes would hold a whole bottle. It's another of the places I've been thrown out of. I was in Drag at the time, after a Fancy Dress Do and couldn't decide which loo to use, so I went into the ladies and the Attendant was not amused.

Another useful snippet:~ If you run a finger tip around the rim of the Flute, the minute quantity of oil, that is left on the rim, stops the foam from over flowing. Obviously it won't work if you've sloshed it into the glass.

  Chegs ®™ 16:24 13 Aug 2010

I disliked frothy drinks as a youth(no beer or peanuts as I disliked these too)so declined the champagne offered by my family.I now possess several bottles of extremely frothy home-made blackberry wine but cannot consume alcoholic drinks due to the many medicines I'm prescribed,so these bottles of (lethal) blackberry wine will remain in storage for several more years until my daughter opens them.The solitary bottle of champagne I was given as a present will probably be opened on some celebration eventually,hopefully I'll be off the medicines & can partake of a glass.

  Quickbeam 18:49 13 Aug 2010

It's also good for posh adult jelly. Dissolve a standard Chivers raspberry jelly in boiling water and make up the rest with a sparkling wine, add fresh raspberries and let it set, serve with whipped cream with some raspberry liqueur added... divine.

Or any other fruit combo.

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