Do you plan to buy an iPhone 4?

  PC Advisor 10:53 08 Jun 2010

Steve Jobs has unveiled the new Apple iPhone 4, with 100 new features.

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Are you convinced, and will you be buying one when it's launched?

  ella33 19:15 08 Jun 2010

I guess the mobile companies are discovering that people will only pay a sensible amount for a phone, whatever it offers. So they are in competition for customers. I have been o2 for ages but noticed online that orange deals are getting better all the time.

  Uboat 20:14 08 Jun 2010

ella33 Agreed! the PAYG deals are looking far better than then large contract deals! maybe someone needs waking up with the service providers! for the contract deals....

  AL47 20:42 08 Jun 2010

nope, im sticking with google android phones from now, have just got the htc desire which is far more customizable and way cheaper

free phone
18 months
300 mins
unlimited texts
3gb soft cap internet

£25 a month

  AL47 20:43 08 Jun 2010

even better, i now no longer need itunes on my computer, can just drag and drop to a micro sd card

  peter99co 21:18 08 Jun 2010

No. Got a £15 deal from Virgin with a free Blackberry that has unlimited internet and emails (fair use) 100 mins and 500 texts (18 months)

  Uboat 21:42 08 Jun 2010

AL47 PLEASE tell me what a "Soft Cap" is..? its not something u wear when u got to the baths is it.? lol

  AL47 21:44 08 Jun 2010

haha no, means you wont get automatically charged for going over, not that i ever will!

  rickf 21:52 08 Jun 2010

Never. Not even the 1st generation iphone.

  Uboat 23:35 08 Jun 2010

WOW! maybe another DIG at Apple is this! they should look at what else is around! INSTEAD of ramming customers with charges...

  Þ² 08:26 09 Jun 2010

It does look good, in fact IPhone 4 is the first time they've really caught my attention... but I won't be buying one.

I'll wait for a second gen iPad to get the same look when the laptops we have will be almost expired due to old age next year.

I decided I didn't need web, music etc at work and thus now only carry a basic phone but I definately want tablet PCs to replace our laptops.

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