Do you plan to buy an iPhone 4?

  PC Advisor 10:53 08 Jun 2010

Steve Jobs has unveiled the new Apple iPhone 4, with 100 new features.

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Are you convinced, and will you be buying one when it's launched?

  David Price 10:55 08 Jun 2010

Here's the poll on this subject, by the way:

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  Quickbeam 10:56 08 Jun 2010

I still only require a phone to be able to let me speak to people with.

  Quickbeam 10:58 08 Jun 2010

I've just altered the result from 50/50, who were the other two...?

  babybell 11:01 08 Jun 2010

I went with my girlfriend to look at getting an iphone. There was the original iphone 8GB 3G, which she could get for around £35 a month which seemed very resonable. The 2nd version, the iphone 16GB 3GS, only became free at around £50 a month, so that was well out of our price range, so we settled for that.

Luckily, when they went out back to get us one, they told us they had ran out as they no longer made them as a new one was coming out! We've now been told that the 16GB 3GS, which was too expensive yesterday, will now probably drop into our price range in a few days as this new one hits the shelves.

It annoys me that we found this out by chance, if they would have had the old one in stock, she would have been stuck with a new contract but a 3rd generation phone. As it is, in a few weeks we should hopefully be getting the 3GS.

As for this new one, it looks impressive and I would love to own one, but money is required to go elsewhere at the moment

  babybell 11:02 08 Jun 2010

" we settled for that" should be:

"so we settled for the original"

Really need an edit function ;o^

  Noldi 11:13 08 Jun 2010

Im with Quickbeam on this one.

The thing I have noticed with all the people that do have i-phones is the screens get damaged too easily.


  Mr Mistoffelees 11:23 08 Jun 2010

I'm almost with Quickbeam on this, after-all I do send several texts most years.

  Woolwell 12:22 08 Jun 2010

I'm tempted but it will have to wait. I also want to see how it stands up to daily use.

  interzone55 12:25 08 Jun 2010

wouldn't have one even if it were free.

I refuse to be seduced by fruit based technology...

  donki 14:06 08 Jun 2010

Depends on what offers (if any) O2 give to people on an exsisting contract, I currently have a year to run on my exsisting contrat. I may be convinced to sell my 3GS and buy the new 4G handset if, when I get to play with the new model, I feel I really want it.

Looks great though, the improved battery life and glass backing (as the current plastic backing scratches as soon as you look at it).

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