Do you own or rent your home?

  oresome 10:14 17 Jul 2019

A Government inquiry is concerned that the fall in home ownership is storing up problems for tenants in old age when rent will become a disproportionate amount of their retirement income.

I don't think it takes an inquiry to reach this conclusion, but owning your home is not a cost free option.

All repairs and upkeep have to be financed and many jobs you may have done yourself when younger have now to be done by tradesmen and renting may be an easier option in later life.


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  Cymro. 11:55 17 Jul 2019

oresome rent will become a disproportionate amount of their retirement income. If that is the case do what I do and claim benefits. My rent and Council Tax are paid in full by Social Security. If you have a thick skin as I do their is no shame in it

  Old Deuteronomy 11:55 17 Jul 2019

When the woman who is now my wife and I started living together, many years ago, buying was not an option however, we were lucky enough, seven years ago, to get a council bungalow which we can live in indefinitely. Even more lucky, it is in about the best location you could ever hope for with a council property, if you like countryside and quietness.

  Old Deuteronomy 12:08 17 Jul 2019

We look out on this:

  Old Deuteronomy 12:10 17 Jul 2019

Forgot to add on last post ; That picture is a few years old, now the garden looks better and the hedge is properly grown now.

  Menzie 13:07 17 Jul 2019

Where I am home ownership is damn near impossible. The market has priced everyone out.

Due to this even renting is hard, landlords continue to raise prices. For instance in my building where I live; when we moved in 2 bedroom units started at $1300 a month. Now they start at $1800. That is in the span of two years.

As for housing, finding a house for $400,000 seems like a bargain. Whenever such a listing pops up bidding wars begin and it ends up going above. It is normal here for houses to sell 25% above asking sometimes!

New builds sell out before the first nail is hammered and the average price for houses is $650,000.

It's all utterly ridiculous.

  Cymro. 13:16 17 Jul 2019

Thanks for that Old Deuteronomy as for wescliff best laugh I've had on here for a long time. It so happens I gave up work at the age of 30 and lived on benefits ever sine. I wonder where wescliff will want to send me to now?

  oresome 13:22 17 Jul 2019

Old Deuteronomy,

I'm envious.

Is that a nice manicured golf course across the road that you look onto? It looks like it will be safe from developers wanting to build on it.

  Old Deuteronomy 13:51 17 Jul 2019

It is a golf course. The part you see is the pitch and putt that doesn't get used much, so we get very little noise. The course is well used so, we should be safe from development there.

  Menzie 16:40 17 Jul 2019

Wasn't everyone asking for more conflict the other day and a return to the 'glory days' of PC Advisor? :-)

Old Deuteronomy - That view is fantastic. I would love to live out of the city, unfortunately the other half seems to want city life.

So my current view is of a petrol station in one direction and a railway bridge in the other.

  WhirlingRound 17:51 17 Jul 2019

The post by wesliff has been brought to the attention of the FE.

Which reinforces why I think my post (Suggesetions to FE and others @ 11:43 14 Jul 2019) explains how things could improve.

Back to the subject of renting though, one thing the Government can do is analyse the 2021 census results come the time when they're complete. Those for 2001 will be just after the house price boom that started a few years prior, which I think would be a good gauge.

If they can justify carrying one out to investigate an issue, and the results enable them to take positive action, then I'd say let them get on with it.

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