Do you own a games console?

  PC Advisor 09:58 16 Sep 2010

Do you own a games console? Have your say in the poll in the lefthand column, and tick as many as you wish.

  Mr Mistoffelees 10:01 16 Sep 2010

I've got a fast PC with a powerful graphics card. No need for a games console.

  Quickbeam 10:29 16 Sep 2010

I've never gotten into computer gaming.

  gengiscant 10:39 16 Sep 2010

My partner and I have a Wii and the Wii fit board which was bought after a long spell of bad health with the idea to get some exercise whilst having a bit of fun.
Soon became boring and I must say has not been used for some time.
Games prices are pretty steep when compared to my gaming platform of choice, the PC.
I would love to combine a FPS with full body movement. Ducking and diving,peeking from behind cover for that sniper head-shot.
No doubt it will come, hopefully in my lifetime.

  jimo64 10:53 16 Sep 2010

yes in the past play station, but ordered a new PC for gaming ect & as stated console games can be expensive in comparison .

  David Price 12:08 16 Sep 2010

gengiscant - I played something like that in an arcade a few years back, I think it was the Trocadero. You had to dodge around on some steps that detected your weight moving around - a bit like those dancing arcade games - while shooting at the enemies. It was utterly exhausting.

  gengiscant 15:00 16 Sep 2010

Looking for something less public I think.

  Coltch 15:59 16 Sep 2010

I only have the Wii for my son as he has one at home. My gaming machine of choice is a PC.

Used to own a SNES but got rid of that years ago, plus if I fancy a go on mario kart or something I just fire up an emulator on the PC.

  wolfie3000 17:11 16 Sep 2010

I have 3 but none that are on the list, a Nintendo64, a Sony Playstation1 and a Sony PSP.

But mostly use my pc for gaming.

  Armchair 18:38 16 Sep 2010

360 20GB
Grandstand Video Sports Centre (1980 model)

The 360 hasn't seen much actual gaming usage in it's two and a half years, mainly because I don't really like playing FPS games with a gamepad. Mostly used for messing about with GTA Liberty City, and as a DVD player. My now elderly PC gets used for gaming far more than the 360. The other two consoles are in storage.

Have also owned a Playstation, a Dreamcast, and a PS2, but they all got traded in.

If Microsoft had given the 360 mouse and keyboard support, it would have been ideal for me.

  Devil Fish 22:31 16 Sep 2010

brought a ps3 last week though i still game on the pc the ps3 is the link between pc and tv

i have a lot of media on my drive that was once confined to my 19 inch moniter can now watch it listen to it on my 42inch lcd tv add to that blu ray and of course games for the kids

i think games console in the modern era is maybe a poor description of what is essentially an alround entertainment system that sits under the telly with minimum fuss

but for games pc is still top will explain if required to do so oh go on then load times graphics mods say no more

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