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Do you like our new home?

  Forum Editor 18:08 08 Apr 2011

I've been out all day, and missed the launch, so a belated welcome from me. I hope you like the new look.

We are bound to need a couple of tweaks, and it would be good to hear what you think, but perhaps you could let me know via email, rather than starting a thread? Otherwise we'll end up with a batch of threads, and it may get confusing.

It's great to have a new site; I hope you'll enjoy using it, and perhaps join me in thanking the hard-working development team who put it all together - no mean feat with a site of this size and complexity.

  Forum Editor 18:40 08 Apr 2011


You're not alone - I've seen a few error pages myself in the past 30 minutes.

This is the web equivalent of a one-off, hand built car, and over the weekend we may see some glitches. I know it can be irritating to get error messages, but over the weekend we'll see some heavy traffic, so please bear with us - we'll get it right, but it may take a few days to settle in.

  Forum Editor 18:48 08 Apr 2011


Many thanks, your point is noted. I'll pass it on to the development team on Monday.

  JYPX 18:51 08 Apr 2011

I like it...........a lot.

  Forum Editor 18:53 08 Apr 2011


Thank you - enjoy the sun and the beer.

  Forum Editor 19:03 08 Apr 2011


Thank you.

Anything new feels a little strange at first, and you won't be the only one who will need a while to find your bearings. The only real way to test something like this is by subjecting it to scrutiny by the people who are going to use it - people like you.

Let's see how it performs over the weekend. Glad you like the look.

  amonra 19:33 08 Apr 2011

Having done my nightly trawl through my favourite forums it is now practically impossible to differntiate one mag page from another. This site is now a clone of another IDG site namely PCWorld. Have a look at PCMag site, another clone. The old layout was very distinctive, easy to navigate and easy on the eyes. As I stated on another post (somewhere) I'm not a happy bunny.

  Nontek 19:45 08 Apr 2011

Obviously a lot of work has gone into developing this new site, so I do congratulate those responsible overall, however ....

I very seriously DISLIKE the Forum pages layouts, much prefer the old style.

I may perhaps change my opinion after some usage, maybe a few weeks or so, to give it a chance!

  TonyV 19:58 08 Apr 2011

Forum Editor

It seems fine, except for one little niggle. The Post button below is below the "parapet". I can just see it and if I use ctrl + it comes fully into view. Then, when I reduce by ctrl -, it is still visible, but will vanish when typing the response in the message box. I have the magnification viewing set to 100%, but have to change to 125% to get the correct view. Maybe it is something to do with my settings, though nothing else seems to be a problem. Text size is set to "medium".


  canarieslover 20:03 08 Apr 2011

I preferred the 'click here' opening up another tab rather than the page appearing on the tab I have open for the forum.

  Brumas 20:27 08 Apr 2011

Forum Editor

I like the new look but hope that me 'laying old carpet in a new house', usual Friday night offering won't lower the tone of the place ;o}}

One question, how does one green-tick now? I cannot see where to, it is obviously there somewhere but for the life of me I can't see it! The boot is on the other foot now, I'm asking for clues to identify a hidden location ;o}}

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