Do you or your OH have an induction hob in your kitchen? Need help

  Border View 16:04 26 Mar 2013

I have ordered a replacement hob for my kitchen. This one is an induction hob. There wont be an oven underneath and the installation instructions say you have to have a separator panel fitted. Curry's (where I am buying the hob) don't sell separator panels and cannot tell me where to get one.

Do you have an induction hob in your kitchen? Do you have a separator panel and if you do what on earth is it? what is it made of?

Would really welcome any comments before I end up cancelling the order. Not happy that Curry's did not mention separator panels on their web site, nor that they don't sell them.

  caccy 17:53 26 Mar 2013

Suggest you check the manufacturer's web site and download the installation manual. It should answer you questions.

  Al94 18:05 26 Mar 2013

Thismight do your job.

  Woolwell 18:12 26 Mar 2013

Who is installing it? Who is doing the safety checks?

  Al94 18:18 26 Mar 2013

Who is installing it? Who is doing the safety checks?

Very simple DIY job even if you are legally required to use a qualified electrician to install the hob.

  john bunyan 18:39 26 Mar 2013

I have a Neff induction hob. It sits next to a same sized gas hob "twinned". It seems to have a built in base but no other special feature. What do Currys say? BTW I assume you know that you need saucepans suitable (ie a magnet will stick to them - aluminium is no good)

  john bunyan 18:42 26 Mar 2013

Although for Miele, this is a useful site :Miele induction hob

  Border View 11:02 27 Mar 2013

Many thanks for responding. Could not get into PCA last night hence I've only come back to you all this morning.

caccy - I had downloaded the instruction/installation manual - it was reading this that led me to discover the question of separator panel.

A194 - thank for that link, only problem is that that shield is metal. My new hob works on induction - electromagnetism and I think it would react badly to a metal object. This is the problem I have about using the top draw under the hob for my cuttlery.

Woolwell - I am using a professional electrician to take out my old hob and install the new one. Its the separator panel which is the problem.

johnbunyan - yes my pans are magnetic. Pity I will have to dispose of my faithful pressure cooker. When I telephoned Currys about the separator panel their response was that "we dont sell separator panels" but if you use our installation service one will be fitted. Cost of installation £85. I declined their offer and said I thought they should include a note on their web site where induction hobs are warning people that they will need a separator panel.

I went onto a kitchen fitters forum last night and they said all I needed was a sheet of 8mm MFC (the stuff that goes onto the back of cupboards) installed below the bottom of the hob. If I didnt install this separator panel any metal objects below would heat up.

I am now trying to track down some 8mm MFC. Hope my electrician will be able to fit it.

Will keep you posted on what happens tomorrow after the hos is delivered.

Again thank you for responding.

  Border View 12:04 27 Mar 2013

Just been on the phone to Whirlpool and the reason for the separator panel is to protect the bottom of the hob. Nothing to do with it being induction.

Also spoke to a lady who has had a NEFF induction hob for the last two years and her husband is a kitchen fitter and she doesn't have a separator panel. She has her metal kitchenalia in the draw below the hob and it doesn't warm up from magnetism or anything else.

  bremner 12:23 27 Mar 2013

When we got an Induction Hob a couple of years ago we had to ditch quite a few of our saucepans and frying pans. The base of the pan has to be made of a ferromagnetic material.

The hob is brilliant and I would not go back to a conventional electric or gas one.

  Border View 15:47 27 Mar 2013

Thanks for that Bremner. Really looking forward to tomorrow when it gets delivered and my Electrician installs it.

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