Do you like music ? Chapter 3 part 47

  Belatucadrus 08:25 12 Sep 2019

Well last weeks attempt to entertain with a bit of Mongolian music was a bit of a mixed bag, good viewing numbers but apart from one clearly very enthusiastic newbie, no comments from the regulars. So does that make it a success or one almighty flop ?

I’ll go with flop as I’m clearly on a run of stuff that’s not engaging your interest, well c'est la vie as the French say and no it doesn’t mean I’m going to dig out the B*Witched single. If you want it find it yourself. As I’m obviously on my own here I’ll play a tune that’s guaranteed to please at least one, namely me. In order to add a possibly contentious political element I’ll suggest that this particular tune may explain Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn.

Click Here

  BT 08:55 12 Sep 2019

You might like it but to me its just annoying NOISE

  wee eddie 11:09 12 Sep 2019

Derivative, but not without merit

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:55 12 Sep 2019

I like this genre of music but I heard better.

  Quickbeam 19:53 12 Sep 2019

It sounds very Rory Gallagher gritty style to me.

  Belatucadrus 22:17 12 Sep 2019

Rory Gallagher

The man with the sweaty guitar, there's a thought.

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