Do you like music ? Chapter 3 part 33

  Belatucadrus 15:56 06 Jun 2019

Time to come up with something weird again for the purposes of broadening the musical horizons of this forum. What could be more off beat than a combination of Latvian bagpipers and Mongolian throat singing from Batzorig Vaanchig & Auli.

Click Here

Definitely the second appearance from Batzorig, possibly a third. I may check my archive list.

Then again I may not.

  Quickbeam 16:42 06 Jun 2019

He makes Lee Marvin sound quite musical...

  Belatucadrus 17:30 06 Jun 2019

Strangely Lee was another on my shortlist this week with his past number one smash hit "Wand'rin' Star".

Maybe the great man can buargle his way onto the list later.

Buargle ? a word I've invented to describe his vocal style a cross between Burble and Gargle. I expect it to enter the OED soon.

  Quickbeam 18:59 06 Jun 2019


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:01 06 Jun 2019

Sounded like me when I was on 30 cigs a day

  Quickbeam 20:09 06 Jun 2019

Too good for a 30 a day smoker, 3 packs I'd say...

  oftmarshall678 17:16 07 Jun 2019

My puppy who is sleeping beside me was roused by the throat singing. Had the volume on too high lol

  x13 20:32 08 Jun 2019

Listened first with video. Second time without looking at the video via head phones and was still excellent. Wand'rin' Star is still a classic for me.

  Forum Editor 16:23 09 Jun 2019

The music isn't too bad, but the person who produced that video needs a good talking to.

  Belatucadrus 16:41 09 Jun 2019

As I speak neither Mongolian or Latvian I'll leave the video critique to those better qualified.

PS I did check my archive listing and it is Batzorig Vaanchigs third appearance in the forum, first time was in his group Khusugtun and second as part of the ensemble doing the ever popular "Praise of Bayankhongor".

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