Do you like music ? Chapter 2 part 2

  Belatucadrus 00:58 08 Dec 2016

Well having started Chapter two of this exercise with the gentler acoustic side of things from Japan I considered doing a complete about face and indulging myself by hitting you with an all out raucous assault on the eardrums but I’m still in a mellow sort of good will to all men pre Xmas type mood so I’ll stick with the calmer stuff .

( Just not for long, I will indulge my inner barbarian before the year is out, prepare the cheese. )

This weeks offering is from Bolivia a group called Runakay with a ditty entitled Machu Tinku

Click Here

The dancers are all terribly enthusiastic and very colourful, just not exactly Strictly contenders.

  rdave13 20:40 09 Dec 2016

Type of music that would be acceptable in your local I think. At the end of the night the feet might even be tapping. As for having it on an USB drive in the car then the offsprings would start a revolt. 2/10 from me and that's generous.

  Aitchbee 21:00 09 Dec 2016

There's plenty of this type of music in Glasgow.

click here

  rdave13 22:37 09 Dec 2016

Quite good Aitchbee .

  Belatucadrus 23:35 09 Dec 2016

We used to get Andean pan pipers, Native Americans, all sorts busking around us regular as clockwork but the last year or so they just seem to have vanished. Pity really some of them were pretty good. presumably with the sluggish economy the gringos have been keeping the cash in pocket and the economics of travelling half way around the world have kicked in.

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