Do you know who i am ?

  n4165si 13:19 22 Aug 2006

ive often wondered what i would say to a [ near beer celebrity offspring or indeed these so called celebs,who ,for want of instant attention say those famous inane words.the best one ive heard of so far is a person who is on the receiving end of the request, turns to another person and says ,does anyone know who this person is he seems to have lost his memory poor chap

  €dstowe 13:45 22 Aug 2006

The worst thing you can say to these people is "No" or "Is there any reason I should?" because then you get a very detailed explanation of who they are and why you should recognise them.

These ripostes usually occur following some unflattering happening to the person concerned. The area where I'm located (Goodwood/Chichester) has more than its fair share of people of that ilk and my receptionist once told some arrogant so-called personality in response to the question "You are a rude and self satisfied person too full of your own self importance." The person concerned was one of the local "big-wigs" who had come in to the studio to complain that our company motorbike (which we use for our own courier service to London) was making too much noise at night. The fact is that the bike is never used at night and is not there anyway.

My brother responded once saying "Yes, Madam and I'm your gynaecologist" - which he was and is.

  Sethhaniel 14:09 22 Aug 2006

I'll make an exception.' -

Groucho Marx

  Sethhaniel 14:35 22 Aug 2006

How many times do I have to flush before you go away?

  Belatucadrus 14:56 22 Aug 2006

On the rare occasions when I've seen celebs, the genuine ones seem to prefer anonymity to crowds of hangers on, they rarely say "Do you know who I am ?" as they don't care if you know or not.

  n4165si 15:42 22 Aug 2006

not when they have had a few ill bet!

  spuds 16:02 22 Aug 2006

I recall once, when I was in the position to inform and stop a footballer, that he was not allowed to drive his vehicle in the direction that he intended to go. Of course the usual "Do you know who I am!" came out, amongst other implicate words. The bonus on that day, was the local team supporters who arrived on the scene, and explained to the 'gentleman' in question, who 'they' thought he was.

My sympathy on that day went out to his female companion, who was noticeably becoming very distressed with the situation.

  James. 15:56 23 Aug 2006

Of course there was the famous reposte from Noel Coward, when some pompous oaf was recounting a story to him containing the phrase "....and I said to him Do You Know Who I Am"

Noel Coward......" And who were you"

  Jim Thing 21:09 23 Aug 2006

"Do You Know Who I Am?"

I'm afraid not. Try asking your mother; she might know.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:20 23 Aug 2006

"Do You Know Who I Am?"

"No but I hope your father does."

  wolfie3000 00:55 24 Aug 2006

years back i was being driven home from work with my then boss and he had the biggest ego iv ever seen he pulled up to a petrol station and waited in line for a pump,
After waiting for about 10 seconds he turns to the rest of us and says "They should have seperate pumps for the scum of this village"
Well we all got out and walked the rest of the way home leaving him to it,

no way did i ever accept a lift from him again.

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