do you like insects

  carver 09:03 12 Mar 2010

Take a look here click here

After looking at those who can say alien life doesn't exist, far more alien than any thing hollywood can come up with.

  Quickbeam 09:07 12 Mar 2010


  jack 11:00 12 Mar 2010

That bite- so the old saying goes[or something like it]
Take a look at the 'Top Lip' of the beast in the first photo
Is this why they are forever wiping their mouth parts to dislodge the busgs that bite them?


  ronalddonald 11:05 12 Mar 2010

magnify the placton in the sea and you see insects there too

  MAJ 11:09 12 Mar 2010

I have seen them (or similar pictures) before. But I have always thought, wouldn't it be the ultimate if someone could invent a way to show us how other lifeforms (through their own eyes) see us and the world around them, a creature's eyeview, so to speak?

  jack 16:18 12 Mar 2010

us and the world around them, a creature's eyeview, so to speak?
An interesting thought that, another is how ever they probably can't see us at all.
Which begs the question what/who is it we cannot see because of the small segment of the EM spectrum that we are sensitive too.
I recall a long debate with a physicist friend some years ago who insisted if we cannot see it - it does not exist.
Hmm then and Hmmm now me thinks'

  MAJ 17:43 12 Mar 2010

"if we cannot see it - it does not exist."

That would have been an interesting argument, jack, I take it you won?

  morddwyd 19:49 12 Mar 2010

So where the hell is my son?

I thought he was in Australia, but I can't see it so it's not there!

  DieSse 23:31 12 Mar 2010

"do you like insects "

Sorry, but I don't actually know any.

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