Do you have Un-Licenced Software on your PC?

  Z1100 18:14 03 Apr 2007

Not trial software, but pirate, stolen, or what ever else you want to call it.

I do. Just one, just thought I would admit that part since I asked the question.

If you do, why? What has led you to use that software for free?

I have a version of Nero that came with my DVD Burner and someone gave me a key for the ultra version, I put it in and there is has stopped ever since. To be honest I don't even know if I use the 'extra features' that this Ultra Key provides. I might just go and look.

The point here, for me is that it was just too easy to type it in. Much easier than going to PC World and trying to get out without paying for it.

I know we have seen many discussions about piracy, theft and copyrights but I think if anyone else cares to answer like me then maybe the discussion will be more, hmmm, interesting.


  [email protected] 18:25 03 Apr 2007

use to have "Z1100" but i got genuine stuff now HOWEVER i know someone who works for the local college as a teacher & he's got loadsa stuff....not good considering hes on a good wage

  TOPCAT® 18:30 03 Apr 2007

to possessing pirated software on an open forum. The powers that be may spot any admissions and be on to PCA for those persons details pretty quick.

In my case and for the record, I can honestly say that all my PC stuff is quite legitimate and will always be so. TC.

  riiverstock 18:52 03 Apr 2007

I have to admit,did you ever hear such a foolish question submitted to an open pc forum.

Recently,didn't I see strong cries of "thief" etc. when this type of subject was raised.

Z1100, for some reason you seem to be in the clear.
Could it be because you did'nt admit to stealing from the noble and press protected MS.
I suppose Nero don't pay as much in advertising and who cares about them anyway?

For the record Nero 7 is great and very powerful.

This piece is taken from a Blog by the FE -
< "I work for a software development company. At a recent staff meeting somebody asked the CEO why we charge twice as much for the same product to UK customers as we do in the US.

The answer - 'because we can'."

Posted by: Peter Thomas>.

Maybe this could be used to defend the same low morals from someone using stolen software.

I jolly well think so.

  FungusBoggieman 18:59 03 Apr 2007

I have a picture of a pirate on the pc does that help.

sorry for that remark lol

  egapup 19:14 03 Apr 2007

My friend doesnt use anything but pirate stuff, everything is downloaded from the net from his OS to all the latest games, music and films.

  thms 19:31 03 Apr 2007

Most people think they are getting something for nothing.

I use Autocad at work and a mate of mine said he had got a full copy for 20 quid.

"I didn't know you knew how to use Autocad"

"I don't" he replied.

"Why did you buy it then?"

"It was a bargain."

No answer to that then.

  oresome 19:57 03 Apr 2007

Pirated software is clearly wrong and I wouldn't try to argue any other, but I don't attach too much credibility to the figures put out by the industry as to how much piracy costs them.

I suspect a lot of the pirated software is used by people who simply wouldn't buy the legitimate copy no matter what because their limited use of it would never justify the cost.

  p;3 22:08 03 Apr 2007

I DID have something on one of my machines that a so-called 'computer friend 'gave me BUT that was in the days before I knew of the illegality and dam stupidity of such behaviour

it is all too easy, isnt it , to nick something that is on -the -go and available; you will ultimately pay the price for this;

I hope you have no pride whatsoever in your pirated item or thsoe activities and have done what is necessary to and have removed it from your computer?

  Kate B 10:50 04 Apr 2007

Actually, generally you don't ultimately pay the price. There's no instant retribution for installing software borrowed from a mate. Incidentally, I have no dodgy software on my machine, but I'm lucky to be given a lot of what I want/need.

  Bingalau 11:28 04 Apr 2007

After I had paid for Photoshop 5 a few years ago. (Expensive but worth it) I was offered a copy for ...wait for it... £10.00 By a teacher in the place I was taking lessons. whether or not I would have taken him up on the offer I don't know. But he was a couple of weeks too late. Everything on my machine is legitimate, apart from me. My mum and dad were not married.

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