Do you have a money-saving tip?

  Forum Editor 00:12 10 Jun 2010

It looks as though a bit of financial belt-tightening is in prospect, and I got to wondering; I bet some of you could suggest some clever ways to cut the cost of owning and running a computer, and still keep up appearances in terms of performance. No prizes for just saying 'build your own' - we can all work that out. I want devilishly clever money-saving tips.

Post your thoughts here, and apart from the undoubted glory of seeing your idea in wonderful black and white, I'll try to come up with a prize of some sort for the two best suggestions, maybe a pristine copy of the next issue of the magazine, signed by all the members of the production team, or maybe something else. One way or another I'll get you something from the goody cupboard.

How could anyone not be trembling with excitement at the thought?

  mole44 04:53 10 Jun 2010

simple two questions to ask before purchase:
(1)do i need it
(2)can i afford it
if you dither on anyone then you don`t buy the item.I`ve been using this for years and it works like a charm.

Live whin your means i.e. if you borrow with an interest rate of 10% then you can only spend 90p of every pound you spend,the 10p is the lenders profit.

Last one:
Borrow money,you pay interest
Money saved,you get interest

  Forum Editor 06:09 10 Jun 2010

Thank you, but I was thinking more in terms of specific ways to save money in a computing sense. I certainly agree with your two pre-purchase checks though.

  morddwyd 07:21 10 Jun 2010

Definitely use a "smart" plug - when your pc goes off so do the peripherals.

  BT 07:35 10 Jun 2010

You don't even need one of those.
I use a Belkin surge protector multiplug strip which has an on/off switch so that when I turn off the PC one switch turns of everything else.

  Simsy 08:07 10 Jun 2010

buy before VAT goes up in the budget!...

However, my favourite tip on how to save money came fron the young daughter in the TV series "Outnumbered", on realising that the parents were concerned about their finances;

"I know how you can save money... Don't buy any more broccolli!"

I think you had to "be there"... but if you were... brilliant!




  jack 08:20 10 Jun 2010

An existing set up- then the only money saving tip applicable is less use - thus lower electricity use.

I have been doing this for some time not for economy particularly- just because it seemed sensible.
Formally I used to leave the machine at all day and wander back and forth as the opportunity presented - to take a look at here and there.
Now I fire up at a set time - do what I have to do
then go to hibernate- and like BT use a switched strip the kills everything.
I may now come to the machine 2x 30 minute sessions each day.
Though I must say there are a couple of slide shows that I must finish- so some time Will be having a longer session.

  BT 08:34 10 Jun 2010

..that even when you shut down your PC, its almost certain that the PSU is still powered up if you don't actually turn off the mains switch.

  john 52 08:46 10 Jun 2010

Try to renegotiate your broadband package with your supplier as they quite often introduce new products to attract new customers and will move existing customers onto this product if you ask for a MAC code !! also check your exchange on Sam knows to see other broadband suppliers are on your exchange !!

Also it is surprising what you are offered if you ask for a MAC code if you do not use it within one month it expires I think !! so you do not have move if you do not wish to but may get offered a better deal

Also John Lewis will price any store which has a UK shop with stock and a shelf edge label and on a lot of products you get a 2 year warranty

  sunnystaines 08:48 10 Jun 2010

turn pc off at night.

before buying software, is a free product recommended in the forum that will do the same job, submit a post if you cannot find one.

turn printer off if not in use.

is paying for an upgrade worth the cost what do i get extra for the money spent.

try recycle ink cartridge or refill options

any large print jobs email to place of work and print at work

  interzone55 08:59 10 Jun 2010

As BT says.

I've been sent an energy monitor by my electrical supplier. With nothing actually powered on, except the fridge, boiler, wireless router and answerphone my house was using 220w.

I looked round and tested each device with a power meter, the TV on standby was drawing less than 1w, hifi, radios etc drawing tiny amounts. I then come to the spare PC, only used occasionally for testing cameras, and it was drawing 110w when turned off, bizarrely when booted up it was only drawing another 10w, so now the power lead is pulled out the back when not in use.

Another tip, never pay for software unless you have to. That doesn't mean make use of Pirate Bay, I mean explore the free alternatives, you lose nothing but your time if they're rubbish and try another one.

Open Office is a very good alternative to MS Office. Avast & AVG are very good alternatives to Norton & McAfee. There's plenty of free CD & DVD burning software if you look around.

If like me you need MS Office for some of its features and you have a kid in the house then use this site click here, it's totally legit and approved by Microsoft.

Another route to MS Office is to check with work, many large companies have special licences that allow staff to use Office at home for a small fee via the volume licensing Home User Program...

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