do you have a lloyds bank account

  sunny staines 10:07 11 Jun 2008

then ring them on 0845 300 0000 and they will increase the interest on your current account to 6% on first £2000 FOR 12 MONTHS.

no catches,nothing to pay, the deal is for new customers but existing ones get it too but only if they call the above number. just done it myself.

info via matinsmoneytips.

  crosstrainer 10:48 11 Jun 2008

Thanks for that one.....Will do it now!

  spuds 14:19 11 Jun 2008

Not sure whether this as anything to do with the above offer, but in todays finance papers it seems to mention a new Lloyds TSB current account paying 6% interest on credit balances up to £2.500. This reverts to 4% after the first 12 months. Account holders must deposit a minimum of £1.000 a month.

Halifax have also introduced a new regular savers account offering as much as 12%, but more likely 10% with small print conditions attached. One being that you cannot invest more than £500.00 per month, and no withdrawals allowed for the first 12 months.

  realist 16:26 11 Jun 2008

According to their website you have to have a Lloyds TSB Classic Plus Current Account and pay in a minimum of £1,000 a month to get the enhanced interest.

  Bingalau 16:39 11 Jun 2008

Do people keep that much in their current accounts? I keep a certain amount in my Lloyd's current account, which is an ideal amount for me because I can sometimes go berserk and withdraw a few hundred at once. But provided I keep a certain minimum amount in it, I am entitled to certain odds and ends such as free AA membership and free annual travel insurance. But there is no way I would keep adding £1000.00 every month as there are better accounts to do that with. I was a bit confused when I read Martin's letter this month about it. But then I am easily confused anyway.

  crosstrainer 16:56 11 Jun 2008

Seems I can't have it because my Platinum account gives me "Extra Benefits" which other accounts don't have :((

  Diemmess 18:03 11 Jun 2008

Have probably spent the first month's interest on phone charges. All around visiting different "teams" eventually found how to fix it online for myself. (after 14mins and more seconds waiting around.)

Apparently I must upgrade to Gold A/C Plus which in the small print says the £12 monthly fee applies as before!
No monthly fee from me, probably because I keep a minimum balance.

But I can live without the hassle. Better the devil I know!
Perhaps try another time

  Weskit 16:08 14 Jun 2008

Thanks for that, phone contact hopeless so went into my local bank, they promised to do it. Hope it works, every little helps, as the old woman said...

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