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Do you hate Marmite

  Quickbeam 13:16 29 Nov 2011

enough to sabotage it en route?

Actually as it says, the early reports only said it was Marmite, but the local media turned it into Marmite sabotage story!

  johndrew 14:13 29 Nov 2011

I like Marmite, but I'm not sure if my car does :-)

  morddwyd 15:26 29 Nov 2011

The problem is keeping the toast hot enough while I drive down there!

  rawprawn 17:23 29 Nov 2011
  rawprawn 17:25 29 Nov 2011
  rawprawn 17:26 29 Nov 2011

Agh mate look it up. Frustrated RP

  dagbladet 18:59 29 Nov 2011

"...easier to clean up. Send in the army."

Why the Army?

  morddwyd 20:22 29 Nov 2011


Vegemite is quite disgusting!

I regularly have to send a large jar of Marmite to Oz.

  rawprawn 20:41 29 Nov 2011

morddwyd I have to agree it's an acquired taste, but if you are brought up on it, well !!!!!

  Aitchbee 23:52 04 Dec 2011

Steve McQueen - the 'Cooler King' in the film THE GREAT ESCAPE didn't have marmite for two weeks. When he was let out, he still didn't have any....

  Aitchbee 00:05 05 Dec 2011

Marmite is taste-buds were telling my brain in 2 seconds...spit it out. The Cooler King would not last a day with marmite torture....

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