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Do you get nuisance calls

  carver 10:37 21 Sep 2014

Yesterday I was at home and had just sat down with a nice cup of tea when the phone rang, I had a most charming Pakistan lady on the phone asking if I suffered nuisance calls and would I like them to be stopped.

For a small monthly fee they could set up a service which would enable me to have these call stopped and no more nuisance calls.

Now I realise that it's just another scam to try to get money but by this time I was not very happy and proceeded to explain in rather fruitful terms that I hated nuisance phone calls and this call was one of those and now could she go away.

How do they keep coming up with these things, their imaginations to keep coming out with different scams are incredible.

  BT 08:31 04 Oct 2014

I had a call yesterday evening from a lady saying that if I was over 60 I could get a 'Government Grant' to install Solar Panels and save/make myself loads of money. I asked her if she knew just how long it take to recover the cost of installation and she said she didn't.

Firstly the Government Grants for this finished 2 or 3 years ago, although I believe there is some other scheme now.

Secondly I asked her why she was calling me and she said 'You came up on my system.' I then asked if she knew about TPS and she said 'Yes' so I asked her again why she was calling me and got the same reply. I then reminded her that she should check whether people were on TPS, told her not to call again and rang off.

On checking 1471 it came up with a local number who obviously pay no attention at all to the TPS rules.

I just called the number and got the following message. "You were called today by the Go Green Group. The call was not urgent, we will call you back soon. Press 1 to remove your number". This is a Hull based company so the local number is obviously some sort of agent and the option to automatically remove your number means they get an awful lot of p*&^ed off people calling them back.

  spuds 09:33 04 Oct 2014

"Press 1 to remove your number"."

Doesn't guarantee that your telephone number will be removed.

I had/have a dispute with TalkTalk/BT about three supposedly 'press 3' on nuisance calls, which I never used and was charged for, "as a return call".

Press 9 (via a recorded service) is another number that is suppose to stop calls, but it doesn't seem to work.

  spuds 09:37 04 Oct 2014

"Remove that number from the ex-directory service and you can still get caught out with an automatic dialler, not to mention that your personal data is already forever being sold and shared online."

And that's another problem with being ex-directory. That also will not stop calls if your details are being sold on to other nuisance makers. After a time, you can usually see a pattern on who is phoning and how they are supposedly working against their competitors.

  bumpkin 22:00 04 Oct 2014

I asked my wife what to do about nuisance calls, she said carry on making them.

  namtas 22:47 04 Oct 2014

Remove that number from the ex-directory service and you can still get caught out with an automatic dialler.

That is not possible with the BT8500.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23:20 04 Oct 2014

Yes just set the BT8500 up for my mother

all calls from family get straight through, any other call get intercepted by call guardian which then gives you the option to accept call from block or send to answer machine.

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