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Do you get nuisance calls

  carver 10:37 21 Sep 2014

Yesterday I was at home and had just sat down with a nice cup of tea when the phone rang, I had a most charming Pakistan lady on the phone asking if I suffered nuisance calls and would I like them to be stopped.

For a small monthly fee they could set up a service which would enable me to have these call stopped and no more nuisance calls.

Now I realise that it's just another scam to try to get money but by this time I was not very happy and proceeded to explain in rather fruitful terms that I hated nuisance phone calls and this call was one of those and now could she go away.

How do they keep coming up with these things, their imaginations to keep coming out with different scams are incredible.

  HondaMan 11:20 21 Sep 2014

Have a look here or invest in a device called "Truecall"

I use treucall and it's brilliant. It gives you complete control, and I do mean complete, over which calls get through. It takes time to programme, but once done, it is BRILLIANT.

I've had mine for about 18 months now and receive NO nuisance calls.

  spuds 11:54 21 Sep 2014

"Do you get nuisance calls"

Yes everyday, usually starting with a 0843 recorded message telling me that I am entitled to claim on PPI or something similar.

I keep promising myself that I must look into the 'Truecall' product, which seems to come highly recommended. But so far the answer machine take the brunt of the calls, including displaying the callers number, if their system allows.

Sometimes I have picked up the telephone, and heard the background noise, which indicates a busy call centre. I say nothing, and sometimes the other party says nothing, leading to one if us putting the phone down, without saying a word. Let them pay the bill, I say.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:00 21 Sep 2014

My elderly mother is looking for a new phone (old one has poor volume) and call blocking would be useful.

HondaMan what's the sound like on these phones?

  SparkyJack 12:25 21 Sep 2014

TPS covers most tel sales,but not it seems overseas based calls.

These are fortunately few the odd 'Winows,'cure all or insurance claim Bright house the furnishing co., seems not to be stopped by TPS. An intrigueing one is the recording of a female shrilly reciting all the major banks . What is she all about?

In ever get to know because I simply hang up without responding.

  Blackhat 12:27 21 Sep 2014

99% of nuisance calls come from call centres who withhold their number. For £1 per month I use call block from Virgin. If you call me and withhold your number you get the following message, ‘Sorry your call cannot be connected as you have withheld your number, please redial without withholding your number’ and then the call is disconnected. I have not had any nuisance calls since using this service. I can also turn the service on & off at any time.

  bumpkin 13:43 21 Sep 2014

I use a device called "CPR CallBlocker" simple to set up and lots of options, still get a few as I don't choose to block all witheld numbers but it can do so. Worth looking at as a cheap alternative to Truecall. ebay £40 new when I bought it.

  namtas 14:17 21 Sep 2014

I have just changed my provider to Talktalk, now lower cost, unlimited Broadband and free blocking of up to ten last call numbers. I found the Telephone preference service very inefficient at blocking UK calls with no option for International calls

  morddwyd 20:21 21 Sep 2014

I uae TrueCall too.

I haven't had a nuisance call in nearly 5 years.

Only 39 numbers in the whole world, including all mobiles, can call me.

  bumpkin 21:10 21 Sep 2014

morddwyd, a bit OTT in my opinion, what happens if an emergency occurs and no one can contact you.

  morddwyd 06:41 22 Sep 2014

What sort of emergency do you have in mind?

My wife and son can contact me, as can the surgery, emergency services and so on.

I can add any number you suggest to my "allowed" list.

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