Do you fancy becoming a book reviewer?

  Forum Editor 00:29 24 Jan 2012

Here at PCA we receive lots of technology books for review, and to be honest we're all so busy being busy that we don't have time to read them all.

We thought that some of you might be interested in reading a book, writing a review on it, and seeing your name in lights (well, ordinary text anyway). Don't worry if writing isn't your forte, we'll soon polish up your text. The main requirement is that you are prepared to read the book completely and let us have your impressions.

If you're interested, email me,and we'll see how we go. I'm not promising that everyone will get to review a book right away, but we need to know how many of you are happy to get involved.

Write to me at: [email protected]

  Quickbeam 10:08 24 Jan 2012

What size font will you use?

But to save me any embarrassment over cruel rejection, I fear I don't have the aptitude for the subject anyway:)

But if you need any fantasy fiction reviews doing, I am the one by far...

  spuds 10:18 24 Jan 2012

Is this actual hardback/softback book reviews, or kindle?.

And do you get to keep the 'book' afterwards, as a reward for all the time and effort?.

Personally I won't be putting my name forward, Amazon are competing for my reviewing services :o)

  Pine Man 16:29 24 Jan 2012

  simonjary 17:34 24 Jan 2012

Yes, you'd get to keep the book afterwards.

We'd be looking for a decent level of technical knowledge but some books will be written for beginners so the level of acumen needn't be boffin level.

For instance if you were to review a Windows 7 book we'd expect you to be a competent W7 user but you don't need to work for Microsoft!

We're looking for a decent overview of the book and your opinion on whether it serves its purpose and is worth the money.



PC Advisor

  Forum Editor 23:00 24 Jan 2012

Thanks to those of you who have contacted me. I haven't had time to acknowledge receipt to each of you, but I'll be in touch shortly.

  Aitchbee 22:22 25 Jan 2012

I was thrilled when asked to look over/spellcheck/and give my opinions on a book which an acquaintance had drafted, before hopefully being accepted for publication.

I only know about real books ... e-books are not my forte.

  Forum Editor 22:54 25 Jan 2012


As Simon said, in his earlier post, "We'd be looking for a decent level of technical knowledge", although you don't need to be a propeller head.

All the books will be technology-related, and will tend to deal with a specific subject. You might find yourself with a book on desktop publishing software, for example, or how to set up and configure a small office network with Windows 7 - that kind of thing.

Books are aimed at people with varying levels of computer literacy.

  Forum Editor 19:00 26 Jan 2012

To those of you who contacted me....

Expect an email shortly.

  Matt Egan 12:39 16 Feb 2012

Congratulations to our first Forum book reviewer!

A fine effort I'm sure you'll agree. I won't break the fourth wall by giving away the author's Forum handle, but I also won't object if they wish to step forward and back in glory.


  Forum Editor 22:28 16 Feb 2012

Well done, that man or woman.

Step forward,and make me proud.

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