Do you ever get one of those days ...........?

  SparkyJack 11:12 30 Jun 2012

When everything you thought yout would do is blocked because of un expected occurrences?

I had pre planned to day to cut the back garden grass and fix the washing line pully that had pulled out of the wall.

Went into garden - grass too wet to cut -

Ok get the lawn mower out of the tool shed and get it ready for later---- Whats this? Cable neatly coiled on top the the handle showed what appeared a break/scrape about 20 cm from plug- no way could I have run over it that close to the plug-- closer inspection suggests - little rodent copper thieves had been having a go-

So now I have to trim the wire and re fix the plug.[what does one do to prevent a re occurance?]

OK fix the pully - too windy to go up the ladder

By this time I am on here and will probably sink into by armchair with a coffee and watch Click -- So thgts Saturday morning written off .

This afternoon I will..........?

  Aitchbee 11:30 30 Jun 2012

...the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune...alas dear SparkyJack I know it so well!

  BT 11:38 30 Jun 2012

Was going to cut my front lawn, which is badly in need, when I had finished the washing up, but was treated to a downpour while doing so, so now its too wet!

  SB23 16:03 30 Jun 2012

I had "one of those days" yesterday, today I'm laying 100 carpet tiles, so far so good, lets just hope I haven't spoken too soon.

  chub_tor 16:30 30 Jun 2012

Well it wasn't the weather that changed my day but a young squirrel that managed to trap himself inside one of our squirrel proof feeders. Silly beggar got inside, stuffed himself with fat balls and then got stuck trying to get out. I attempted to smother him with a towel in one hand while cutting the bars with a pair of side cutters - except that he got me first and took a chunk out of my right thumb. I did manage to free him and then took my bloody hand to the local Small Injuries Clinic where I was given an anti tetanus jab, a box of anti biotic pills and a whacking great bandage that makes typing difficult. Looks like my afternoon will be watching Wimbledon then.....

  Bingalau 18:18 30 Jun 2012

chub_tor. Why are you stopping the poor squirrels getting their food? Are they those horrible grey rodents? I had three lovely squirrels in my garden a couple of days ago and they ate all the bird food, so I put more out. But my squirrels are red ones and these looked quite young. We live in an area where we look after the reds and report the greys to the local rangers.

  spuds 22:22 30 Jun 2012

" Do you ever get one of those days....?"

It seems to happen more frequently. We have one of those signs near the door, which goes through a whole host of possible every day problems. The final paragraph states 'We stick around, so as to see what happens next!' and how very true.

At least today, we did finally get around to replacing some tarpaulins that had got peppered by hailstones the other day. The only problem, was the replacement tarpaulins were of a poorer quality, so not sure how long they will last :O(

  Chegs ®™ 06:29 01 Jul 2012

So now I have to trim the wire and re fix the plug.[what does one do to prevent a re occurance?]

You could do as I did,replaced the electric mower with a petrol mower.My electric mower was being replaced almost yearly as the previous 2 houses I've lived in had plenty of obstacles buried(drain covers/concrete bases for posts long gone/tree roots to name a few)around the lawn areas,this one also has the above but no tree roots and quickly dispatched the electric mower to a skip so I replaced it with a petrol mower which has only needed a replacement blade in the last 8yrs,despite the lawn area being (probably) twice the size(and also has what appears to be a makeshift driveway under the grass,at least that's what the previous resident assures me is the rubble along the fence up one side)The petrol mower also reaches to the bottom of the garden whereas the cable for the electric mower barely reached halfway and I was fed-up of hunting out various extention cables to cut the lawn.

  SparkyJack 07:01 01 Jul 2012

Oh Chegs you m ust live in a big pad, I have a mere pocket handkerchief to deal with-a battery powered one Perhaps could be the next.

  BT 08:24 01 Jul 2012

Chegs ®™

I don't regret replacing my electric mower with a self propelled petrol one. Makes it so much easier, just have to follow it along rather than shoving it! And you don't have to wrestle with the cord. My neighbour managed to cut through his yesterday!

  Quickbeam 09:13 01 Jul 2012

We had a '61 Suffolk Colt petrol mower when I was a young 'un that was given away to a friend about 15 years ago when I thought it was dead. He rebored it, reground the valves, fitted a new piston and carb, welded the splits in the roller, fitted a new drive chain and it's still going strong now 50 years on. Of course if he costed the repair with labour, it was cheaper to just scrap it, but that's not his way, all his motorbikes (a dozen at the last visit) add up to a collective average age of over 800 years!

In the meantime I've got through 5 electric mowers that you just scrap on economic grounds when the motor fails in that same time. The current one is probably in it's last year and I'm already decided to get another petrol mower when it dies this time. And also a petrol hedge trimmer when that next dies.

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