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Do you enjoy music?

  Clapton is God 11:16 16 Jan 2011

If so, try this test click here which takes about 25 minutes.

I've always enjoyed music (of various genres) and perhaps always regretted that I never learnt to play an instrument.

The test explores various aspects of your interest in music, your musical creativity, your ability to recognise a beat and your ability to identify a particular type of music.

Fascinating! And the results will be used by the BBC in a national 'musicality' review.

My results were, at best, 'interesting'. ;-))

  Quickbeam 11:30 16 Jan 2011

It sounds interesting, but they want too much unnecessary personal information in the registration process for my liking.

  Clapton is God 11:39 16 Jan 2011

That's your choice but, unless you have something to hide, what's the problem?

The whole point of the survey is to establish your musicality by ethnicity, country of residence, country of birth, gender, age, etc.

Without that info the entire exercise becomes fairly pointless to my mind.

And there are some aspects of the personal info questions which you can opt out of.

  iambeavis 11:42 16 Jan 2011

I tried it last week and I have to say that their assessment of my 'musicality' was more or less spot on.

  Legolas 20:54 16 Jan 2011

It doesn't have my country of origin I'm Scottish it only has UK.

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