Do you like documentaries,

  daz60 16:30 09 Dec 2011

Found this site and just finished watching my first documentary.To see in conversation some of the people i have only read about and whose books i have purchased makes me more determined to visit these sites. Breaking the Maya area of interest since i was a teenager well before this 2011 rubbish.Wish i had taken this up academically.

A huge list that should cover all tastes and interests.Put your feet up, grab the popcorn and enjoy.

Top Docs.

  Aitchbee 16:55 09 Dec 2011

'..Wish I had taken this up academically...'

My nephew has just started Ancient History degree course,at Liverpool UNI.

His choice of course,(pun) might reap dividends,in the future.

Whereas, Computing/Technology/Science subjects might be now be over-subscribed by our young people.

  Aitchbee 16:43 10 Dec 2011

I don't watch TV much.

But I do listen to a LOT of Radio4 documentaries.

There's a 3 parter on currently, about the History of the Post Office, which is the BBC at their best, I think.

And, I don't download much TV video either. (capped 1 GB/month)

(Although...daz60, I might have a sneak look at your great link, on my friend's fast BB :0])

  rdave13 17:12 10 Dec 2011

That's bookmarked for when I have some peace from my energetic offsprings..


  daz60 08:04 11 Dec 2011

Glad you like it,onto my fifth documentary.Wish work did not interfere. Give it a try Aitch,your friend may not be able to pull you away,the content is excellent.

  Forum Editor 09:54 11 Dec 2011

All the files listed on the site are actually hosted elsewhere - the catalogue consists of lists of links to other sites.

The site operator goes to great lengths to try to avoid the copyright issue, and says:-

"All issues concerning copyright violations should be aimed at the sites hosting the material. This site does not host any of the streaming media and the owner has not uploaded any of the material to the video hosting servers."

That's like saying 'I'm not infringing any copyright,but others are,and if you want to get access to the copyright-protected files just click here'

If it came to a court case that defence would be demolished by a copyright lawyer in about ten seconds flat.

  spuds 17:09 11 Dec 2011

"Am I the only one to be troubled by the copyright issue?"

Looking at the subjects in the link, and seeing the large amount of cd's/dvd's obviously pirated freely available world-wide, then the answer might well be right!.

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