Do you compare your income with others?

  Cymro. 12:59 29 May 2010

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Well according to the link above it is a recipe for unhappiness. I suppose there is something of the "green eyed monster" about us all, human nature and all that.

Personally I don`t give a damn how much money people earn on a personal level but would prefer more fairness about it. I would like it so that we all have whatever we do have by fair means rather than foul but realise that in the real world this is not the way of things.

I think that the gap between the lowest paid and the highest paid in the same company is very often much to great. In the same way I think that the gap between what is paid in the west and what is payed in developing countries is wrong.

I think that to inherit vast wealth is immoral and that things such as big Lottery wins should be taxed. If we are to become rich then it should be by our own efforts and without exploiting others nor should it be just by the effects of pure good luck.

Those who know me on this forum will know that I don`t practise what I preach, have not worked for many years and so could be said to have lived my life from the efforts of others. As I said at the beginning "human nature and all that".

  Pineman100 13:17 29 May 2010

"Personally I don`t give a damn how much money people earn on a personal level but would prefer more fairness about it."

Or, to put it another way, you DO give a damn how much money people earn.

Sorry if I sound cynical, but it's my experience that people who talk about "fairness" in this context usually mean "less for the rich and more for me".

  jakimo 13:27 29 May 2010

" have not worked for many years and so could be said to have lived my life from the efforts of others."

The latest government financial revelations suggest that you will be be getting less from the efforts of others then.

  Cymro. 13:29 29 May 2010

Well I did suggest that I don`t always practice what I preach and I am only human after all. But actually I don`t need any more money as I already have enough.

"Less for the rich and more for me" as you put it seems a very good way of organising things as long as the "me" you talk about is poor.

  Cymro. 13:33 29 May 2010

Does not bother me. See my reply to Pineman100.

  Cymro. 13:48 29 May 2010

Yes very true.
Pity the ambitious are not always spurd to help others and not just themselves.

  birdface 14:12 29 May 2010

I have never been jealous of what others earn. Most have worked hard for what they have.
I have always had sort of low paid jobs but that was my fault for not listening to others about further education and the likes.
I have always struggled a bit but get by Ok and as long as my family are healthy I do not care about the money side.
I admire the ones that go out and work hard to make a decent living but I am quite happy the way I am.
So jealous I am not.

  jack 14:28 29 May 2010

Because individual needs and expectations vary so much.
The do gooders go on about third world sweatshops earning pennies so that we can buy cheap clothes/food- by our standards- true- but by local standards being paid much more than local earnings - same is true of Eastern Europeans - working the fields and plumbing- by our standard on the bread line - but nevertheless back home the families are among the better off.

When I look at my state pension, and add my private pension [worth about 3 days state pension] I am considered to be among the most deprived perhaps, but I am not.
If I do a quick calculation of what a family man must gross to have the disposable cash I have,
Then add to that sum- the cost of going to work, accommodation[I have no mortgage now]Taxes NHI add this the various loan debt he may have for car and the like-
That individual average family man would have to be grossing at least 30/35 k minimum, perhaps more
Is that the average wage?

  Al94 15:08 29 May 2010

In no way.

I do however consider how fortunate I am in terms of health and happiness compared to many others and do what I can to help others. Even the poorest in our society are better off that 80% of the world's population.

Inheriting vast wealth is not immoral, it's just a twist of life. I am against huge lottery wins in principle, far better a large number of smaller prizes which could make a difference without the potential to destro lives.

  Noldi 15:18 29 May 2010

No not anymore.

The only credit I have is my Mortgage and that is paid off in 5 years and I only have a car that I can pay cash for as with holidays etc. Spent the last 30 odd years worrying about getting up the pay scale, now its family time.

I think when you are younger its quite important to maximize your earning potential and I always thought ok how can I earn more and proceeded that way, not looking at what others earn just maximizing me and my career, my biggest regret is what I spent in the pub and on cars that amount would have topped up my pension nicely.


  Bingalau 16:48 29 May 2010

The word "earned" or "earnings" is one that I always feel is used out of place. Some people get enormous amounts of money(Salaries/wages, call it what you will). But a heck of a lot of them do not earn it. Yes I am probably thinking of such people as MP's, Footballers and other sports-persons, so called £Artistes" on Radio and TV. Many others too..

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