Do you buy the cheapest available?

  lisa02 22:48 23 Dec 2006

Or do you buy from a source you know well? I tend to stick to suppliers I have had good service from, even if that means paying a bit more.

My all time favourite is Amazon followed by phones4u. Bought phones from them twice now and delivery has been less than 24hrs each time and free. Amazon charge for next day delivery but product prices have been very competitive. Customer service with both is fast and efficient. Amazon quick by email and phones4u is, well, quick on the phone ;)

Others are Jessops, game and I think Northern Bank do the best ebanking...

what's yours?

  Strawballs 23:11 23 Dec 2006

Novatech,NTL,choice stationary haven't bought a phone for years (company one)

  rdave13 23:12 23 Dec 2006 are very good and have used them for a while. Tried Amazon for the first time this year and was very impressed by their service. Will no doubt use them again. Same goes for Misco. Paid Misco for a three day delivery service but it arrived the next day..:)
Dare I say that even on ebay I've had excellent service from all the sellers so far, though I don't use it often. (I'm touching wood now!)

  rodriguez 01:37 24 Dec 2006 are good as well as eBuyer - CDs and DVDs come from and most of my PC parts and other electrical equipment comes from eBuyer. I find that eBuyer has anything that I want cheaper than any other place. Most of the time eBuyer are good, but there's been the odd occasion where there's been a cock up. However most of the time they're spot on, so I keep using them.

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