Do you back taxes for single-use plastic waste?

  Cymro. 11:19 18 Aug 2018

BBC link

The link says There is high public support for using the tax system to reduce waste from single-use plastics, the Treasury says. I bet there is not as much support as they make out. Still on a personal level I would be willing to pay at least something in tax as long as the system works and it results in less waste. If something is not done then it may well cast us even more in the future.

  rickf 11:31 18 Aug 2018

Yes in short. I was horrified when in Sainsburys two days ago when a shopper with 2 items asked for a plastic bag. It's got to end and people need to be educated about plastic waste and what it is doing to the environment and our health and our children's' future.

  Gordon Freeman 11:45 18 Aug 2018

No, I don't agree. Rather than punishing ppl with yet more tax, the government should be addressing this issue with manufacturers, who are clearly under no pressure from the government to do anything. Same with plastic carrier bags, just stop providing them & instead provide something environmentally friendly for shoppers to use. Again something for manufacturers (creators of the problem) to resolve.

  Pine Man 12:07 18 Aug 2018


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:26 18 Aug 2018

yes if the manufacturer's don't just push the cost on to the customers.

  roger.roger 13:36 18 Aug 2018

Our local recycling centre,aka the tip,use to have a large skip just for hard and large plastics. I had some large plastic containers, washed out and took those along with some other odds and ends. No sign of the skip and just some small sealed ones that can just about take a 4 pint milk carton. I asked where do we put large plastic items now and was answered that they go in the landfill skip. The reason why was someone had put in a oil bottle full of old engine oil and this skip was rejected.

I got in touch with my local MP and asked him to look into it.

Now we still put all plastic in the landfill skip but the staff " check the skip at land fill and remove plastic items"

  oresome 10:10 19 Aug 2018

Looking at the items we purchased at the supermarket yesterday, many are in plastic containers to both protect and display the contents and it's difficult to envisage what else could be used unless we go back to long queues and counter service.

  Old Deuteronomy 10:35 19 Aug 2018


  Forum Editor 11:32 19 Aug 2018

Yes, certainly.

We have all created the problem - we should all contribute to a solution.

  Al94 14:20 19 Aug 2018

I don't agree that "we" have created the problem, the problem is caused largely by the way supermarkets want to sell produce to us. I am sure "we" would be more than happy with this solution.

  Forum Editor 17:19 19 Aug 2018


"I don't agree that "we" have created the problem, the problem is caused largely by the way supermarkets want to sell produce to us."

By 'we' I meant our society, and of course all of us - supermarket executives included - are all members of that. We embraced plastic packaging decades ago, because it afforded a cheap, practical way of displaying and selling food.

Almost without exception, of us use supermarkets and we want food that is packaged in a way that protects it from being sneezed on and handled by any number of other shoppers.

I am sure that the food industry will find ways to do this without using plastics, and we will see the results appearing on supermarket shelves in increasing numbers. The Dutch supermarket company in your link is a good example.

Blaming supermarkets for using a material that was once hailed as the answer to food hygiene is pretty naive, however - we all went along with it because it made sense at the time. Now we have finally realised the implications, lots of us - like you - want someone to blame for what went before and supermarkets are an ideal target.

Lots of other industries use huge quantities of disposable plastic packaging - almost all electronic goods are protected with polystyrene foam in transit for instance - the oceans are awash with little beads of the stuff.

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