Do we now have a winter 'silly season' too?

  Quickbeam 11:35 03 Jan 2013
  Aitchbee 17:07 03 Jan 2013

Compulsory cookery classes might be more beneficial for the majority of obese people, who might only eat 'fast food' and would perhaps find it strange or a struggle to peel and boil a potato, without supervision.

  bumpkin 18:03 03 Jan 2013

It is silly, I don't think people deliberately become obese and where do you draw the line with this sort of thing, force feed the underweight?

  AroundAgain 19:28 03 Jan 2013

Sorry, Forum Member, but I have to disagree. In this article from BBC website, it clearly says that obese that don't comply with prescribed exercise/gym WILL have benefits docked.

As there are a number of other reasons for someone being obese, I think there has to be a better way to ENCOURAGE people to try to loose weight.

Obviously, this is a very complex issue ;)

  AroundAgain 19:29 03 Jan 2013
  kad60 20:08 03 Jan 2013

Will they increase benefits to the anorexic or are they just stupid.!?

  Bing.alau 20:13 03 Jan 2013

I think we would all be healthier and wealthier if the government introduced rationing again along with conscription. None of us were fat during the war. Also, why do they/we use posh words like "obese" when they/we mean "Fat"?

P.S. This is a "Tongue In Cheek" production.

  bumpkin 21:24 03 Jan 2013

I think too much is given out in benefits anyway and some of it to the definitely undeserving. If you are a fat terrorist living in a million pound house my bet is you will be OK

  bumpkin 21:47 03 Jan 2013

Here is a new approach just as ridiculous. Those of us that smoke and drink cost the health service a fortune but pay in a fortune in taxes on tobacco and alcohol. So let's weigh everyone each year and if they are above the perfect weight they have to pay more national insurance. Also has the advantage of creating loads of jobs for bureaucrats.

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