Do we need these people

  sunny staines 18:49 07 Aug 2007

click here

I am surprised the uk wants these poeple i thought we have enough problems with extreme moslem fanatics without importing more.

  Chris the Ancient 18:57 07 Aug 2007

Where, in your link, does it say that these people are moslem (sic) fanatics?

I do find rash, broad statements like yours to be a little on the blinkered side. Do you, personally, have facts about these people that the government doesn't?

  Kate B 19:04 07 Aug 2007

It doesn't say that they're Muslim fanatics. It doesn't even say that they're Muslim. Their religion is not germane to the fact that they've been held in Guantanamo. They're people who were legally resident in Britain before being detained and they have every right to return to the UK.

  Pine Man 19:09 07 Aug 2007

Got it wrong this time I'm afraid sunny!

Having read, and reread, the article I can find nothing to suggest that these people should not be returned to the UK.

  egapup 19:14 07 Aug 2007

Im with sunny staines, they aren't being held in Guantanamo for nothing, send them back to thier original countries.

  Legolas 19:20 07 Aug 2007

it seems that innocent till proven guilty is becoming a thing of the past, many if not all of the people being held at Guantanamo have been held without trial and therefore have had no opportunity to prove their innocence, when we start judging them guilty simply because they have been held in Guantanamo then we are on dangerous ground and we undermine the whole ethos of what we in Britain believe justice is.

  Kate B 19:20 07 Aug 2007

Good grief. Guantanamo is bad enough with its presumption of guilty until we decide otherwise ...

  Kate B 19:21 07 Aug 2007

Legolas, we cross-posted: mine was also a response to egapup.

  Pine Man 19:22 07 Aug 2007

On that basis everyone held in remand in prison in this country is guilty - unbelievable!

  sunny staines 19:22 07 Aug 2007

corrected on the extreme moslem fanatics but must be a danger to be there in the first place. but they should not come to the uk but to their own country

  Chris the Ancient 19:34 07 Aug 2007

You have made a very important point.
"Their own country".

So why shouldn't they return to it. They've not been found guilty of anything.

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