Do we need Police and Crime Commissioners?

  spuds 11:56 10 Nov 2011

In twelve months time, 'residents in every police force area of the country will have to elect a PCC after the Government legislated for the new role'.

Not sure how this will effect Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland?.

The Senior Salaries Review Body have already agreed on the going rate for the job, and it appears to be £75k upwards, possibly to the same level or possibly above that of Chief Constable in some areas.

But do we the public, really need a new job occupation of Police and Crime Commissioner, when we already have Chief Constables doing the perhaps or possible same/similar role'?.

  johndrew 14:18 10 Nov 2011

The introduction of these posts is a political one. As elected officials, if the public are unhappy with the performance of their local force they can lose their jobs. Theoretically this gives the public more of a say in prioritising the areas/types of policing in their areas.

Will it work? - Not everything that happens across the herring pond is as functional here. Personally I think a National Police Service is the way to go; this is happening by default in some areas where constabularies are combining/co-operating with their resources.

  sunnystaines 08:49 11 Nov 2011

i agree with johndrew on this one

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