Do these moron who write viruses

  pj123 15:43 16 Sep 2004

and release them on to the internet ever get caught, and if so what happens to them? I seem to be getting at least 3 a day now via emails, fortunately, I keep AVG up to date and catches them all. But that isn’t the point, it’s time wasting having to keep checking your system and updating all your protection devices almost daily now. Should they have all their computer gear confiscated and be banned (maybe for life) from using a computer ever again? Why can’t they use their programming talents writing something useful instead of something destructive?

  Forum Editor 17:21 16 Sep 2004

what motivates a person to write a virus. I was giving a talk to some sixth form students about the way that computing and the internet has changed our world in a single generation, and afterwards one of the boys starting asking me about viruses. He seemed just a little too keen to know the technicalities, and eventually admitted that he wanted to write one. He obviously hadn't given much thought to the havoc he might cause, so I stayed around and chatted to a group of them for a while. It seemed to me that quite a few of these boys (none of the girls seemed interested) thought the idea of creating an enormous amount of confusion and chaos was appealing - they liked the thought that they would probably never be caught, and that they could boast about their exploits to their mates.

Whether or not they were typical of virus writers as a whole I don't know, but I imagine they were. Most of the culprits we see caught appear to be young and male, and I imagine most of them do it to prove they can. I doubt that many of them have the faintest idea about the trouble their brainchild might cause.

  Easterner 17:31 16 Sep 2004

Maybe they heard you?

This is from today's VNU net Security Newsletter (Personally I think that the word 'little'is rather superfluous because what I'd like to do to them is rather worse than that)

We've had virus writers conducting their petty rows through messages
placed inside their virus code. But now they are using their viruses
to advertise their availability for work.

Embedded in the code for a new MyDoom virus is the text: "We searching
4 work in antivirus industry."

Obviously, the antivirus companies aren't going to touch these people
with a barge pole.

If the virus writers put their names and addresses in their code
they'd get plenty of people beating a path to their door. But no one
that's likely to be offering jobs.

If they find viruses as irritating as I do, it would probably be
something a little more painful.

  Valvegrid 17:40 16 Sep 2004

an interesting comment about 'boasting'.

They probably will never get caught if they keep quiet, but that makes it a pointless exercise if nobody knows about their exploits. So what happens, they boast about it to their mates and a boast in the wrong quarter will be their downfall. There's plenty of people around who would willingly dob on someone for whatever reason, you never know who's listening. This has been the downfall of many a criminal in the past and it will be the same for the future, because the criminal can't keep quiet about it, its part of the 'buzz'.

  pj123 17:44 16 Sep 2004

Thanks FE, I have also believed in the "Everest Syndrome" ie. because it's there I can do it. But wouldn't it be nicer to prove you can do it by writing some free programmes like, Irfanview, Thumbs, xxcopy, xxclone etc.. or even another free antivirus programme.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:50 16 Sep 2004

This is what happens to here


  Fateful Shadow 17:59 16 Sep 2004

Theres a kid at my college trying to write one. So far all he's got is a pop-up box that comes up 1,000 times and you have to click 'OK' to get rid of it. However, a simple 'ctrl alt del' gets rid of it.

I don't think he'll be too much danger though ;)

  pj123 18:08 16 Sep 2004

Thanks GANDALF <|:-)>, I always thought that they were pretty good programmers to write a virus. It appears that we can all write a virus using this simple virus construction kit. "In reality, it appears that like many virus authors the author of the Kournikova worm is not "very capable", having shown little programming knowledge by using a simple virus construction kit to help him create his malware". So should the company (person) offering this "simple virus construction kit" be the one to take the penalty?

  watchful 18:15 16 Sep 2004

I agree with you about it being annoying as my anti-virus scanner updates on an almost daily basis but I think the FE is right when he says they probably don't realise what havoc they may be creating and it is the 21st century's method by which some young males prove themselves, as young males are often wont to do, but to the rest of us they just prove themselves to be a complete nuisance.

  spuds 19:40 16 Sep 2004
  end 20:09 16 Sep 2004

just" because its there" does not mean I SHOULD "do it" though , does it:)

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