Do sound blankest irritate you?

  Forum Editor 14:21 17 Jan 2010

They drive me mad.

I'm talking (or more properly, ranting) about the habit of putting a wall of sound behind almost every TV documentary or investigative programme. It's as if the producers think they need to inject a heightened sense of drama into programmes about serious subjects in case we're so stupid that we won't watch them unless they sound like an episode of Miami Vice.

'Horizon', which used to be one of the jewels in the BBC crown is now wrecked (in my opinion) by this habit, and as if the urgent music isn't enough we're treated to continual Cinéma vérité camera work, so the scene looks as if it was filmed by a five year old on a mobile phone.

It happens all the time, and all the channels are equally guilty. My brother - who's in the business - tells me the music is called a sound blanket, and it's designed to make the content more interesting. It has exactly the opposite effect on me, I want to hurl the TV across the room.

  Forum Editor 14:22 17 Jan 2010

You can see how worked up I am.

  canarieslover 14:35 17 Jan 2010

Much as I love music it has to be the right music in the right place and these sound blankets are neither. I tend to turn off any programs that use that technique and it seems that I am hitting the off switch more and more often.

  OTT_B 14:45 17 Jan 2010

I was discussing this the other day with a friend - more relating to films than documetaries.

If a film can invoke an emotional response without the use of music, then it tend to show that it's well directed and acted. That's not to say that the use of music makes a film poor, but certainly in the case of a docmentary, if the content alone isn't enough to get the point accross then there was probably not much purpose in making it in the first place.

It seems that everything has to be 'dramatic' these days. Are the general TV viewing population so difficult to engage just by presenting the facts?

FE: Argos have quite a good sale on 32" Samsung TVs at the moment should your urge get the better of you!

  Marko797 14:50 17 Jan 2010

like a post from a miffed PCA threadster in relation to the increasing bombardment of ads on this site...delete 'sound', insert 'PCA ad', then 'blankets'.

I'm talking (or more properly, ranting) about the habit of putting intrusive ads almost everywhere on the site.

PCA, which used to be one of the jewels of the internet is now wrecked (in many ppls humble opinions) by this habit.

My FE - who is in the business - tells me it's because they cannot run the site without the ads, and it makes the site contents more interesting and us more product aware.

It has exactly the opposite effect on many, we want to hurl the laptops across the room...

Dramatic maybe, but we all have our pet peeves.

  john bunyan 14:58 17 Jan 2010

I also dislike this sound blanket habit. Also on BBC TV I am increasingly annoyed by their version of the advertising break. They are forever advertising future programmes etc. I am sure that the total of this stuff is a cheap way of filling the schedule, and may even be trying to soften us up in case they have to bring in proper advertising.

  peter99co 15:01 17 Jan 2010

I have complained for years about the need to play music (drumbeats specifically) during news broadcasts.
How are we to hear details of traffic news and weather with music in the background on the car radio?

  Blackhat 15:04 17 Jan 2010

The ones I find most irritating and unnecessary are News Headlines. All major channels are guilty, the news starts to a blanket of drum roles, later, ‘coming up’ more drum roles?

Why??? What’s wrong with just reading the headlines?

  Diemmess 15:08 17 Jan 2010

Sound pollution is not new but is getting worse.

The Beeb producers emulate the lowest type of American presentation, where when short of "copy" is not only padded with sound but the main scene MUST have a musical background however inappropriate.

My wife has begun to suffer tinatus. In her difficulty she misses any sibilances unless the volume is increased, though this increases the background hubbub at the same she needs it down again!

Marko797, IMO shoots his own argument down. Advertising is necessary here, or lose the Forum, but the Beeb have no advertising revenue to lose.
Even so, the BBC timetables are less and less accurate, moved sideways by loads of (often noisy) trailers.

The potters wheel or the never ending cruise up the river once was a gentle pause between programmes!

  Marko797 15:14 17 Jan 2010

if you look more closely, u will see there was no argument put fwd. I was merely indicating that we all have different things which cause us irritation, and the FE shows he is no exception to this, whether these are ad, or sound, blankets. Clearly, the analogy escaped you in your concentrated efforts to agree with the FE.

  OTT_B 15:29 17 Jan 2010

I too didn't really get the point of your post. The FE's original post is about sound blankets. Yours was about internet advertising. If it were a thread about 'anything that peeves you' it may have held some relevance.

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