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Do some people become like their user name?

  Sapins 15:41 13 Sep 2004

Like peoples pet's, do you think we can become like our user name after a while or are some like it to start with?

What about we could vote to change someones name as a result of their postings, would only take a quick poll. LOL.

  recap 16:03 13 Sep 2004

Not here, I have passed that point.

  Sapins 17:29 13 Sep 2004

No, my bark is worse than my fright :-), couldn't think of anything else that rhymed! pathetic isn't it?

  Sapins 22:06 13 Sep 2004

Get down Shep lol

  CurlyWhirly 23:22 13 Sep 2004

I would be in trouble as well as I would turn into a chocolate bar!

  CurlyWhirly 23:57 13 Sep 2004

CurlyWhirly is my FAVOURITE chocolate bar hence my nickname!

  watchful 10:18 14 Sep 2004

I've just seen a nickname elephantrhino!

  watchful 16:47 14 Sep 2004

You've definitely become like your name then?

  Sapins 08:42 15 Sep 2004

I know exactly what you mean in your last paragraph, I sometimes expect people who don't even know my user name to address me by it. In fact I have to admit I like to use it more than my given name, probably because I chose it, by the way, it was my first choice, now that's lucky.

  watchful 08:09 17 Sep 2004

You already know the answer! :o)

  Sapins 15:11 07 Oct 2004

Like it :-) just hope your not a fly by Night Spider!

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