Do some groups have too much influence?

  Noels 16:23 19 May 2008

As a very inaccurate start. Please add or correct my figures.
UK population 2007 = 60,776,238
National Trust = 6'920'000
RSPCA = 27'000
RSPB = 1'600'000
Badger Groups = 185'000
Hunt supporters = 225'000
Fishermen = 1'920'000
Football supporters = 2'000'000
Labour Party = 2'150'000
Conservative Party = 2'060'000
Lib Dems = 2,720,000
BNP = 327,000
All figures off Google. Probably a load of rubbish but do numbers count?

  peter99co 16:54 19 May 2008

Without being sexist, is it possible to determine how many male/female within each group?

  Noels 16:54 19 May 2008

This was an open question but I was surprised to see the number of members of the badger supporters groups.
The cost of slaughtering cattle who show positive reaction to TB tests is many millions of pounds to the tax payer. When the slaughter of TB infected badgers, by very few people is greatly opposed.
The Gov't appears to listen to the few rather than the many who lose their livelihoods.
I'm not a farmer or earn my living from the land
but like so many other debates it seems to me that those who shout loudest get listened to regardless.
I just thought this would be an interesting talking point.

  Noels 16:56 19 May 2008

About 50/50 I should think! Unless someone knows better?

  Noels 16:59 19 May 2008

My threads are always meant to be light hearted

  peter99co 17:10 19 May 2008

8% of those eligable to vote (3.7 million) failed to register.(2000)

  Forum Editor 17:35 19 May 2008

People join and/or support organisations because they believe in what they stand for, or because they want to be identified with the cause - that doesn't mean that an organisation with lots of supporters has too much influence, or that a poorly-supported one has too little; it depends on the people, and on the cause.

I'm astonished to see that your research only turned up 27,000 for the RSPCA - they say they have over a million paid up members.

  Blackhat 17:54 19 May 2008

Cloud Appreciation Society = 12,554

I am member No 1373.

  Forum Editor 18:23 19 May 2008

Hunt supporters - 225,000

RSPCA members - in excess of 1 million

  Bingalau 19:18 19 May 2008

Blackhat. Isn't the Cloud appreciation Society an international orgainisation?

By the way. How many members in the Doll appreciation Society?

  Noels 19:26 19 May 2008

I said in an earlier thread I had hoped that
this would be a light hearted tongue in cheek discussion.
However "forum member" has got it about right with the aaahhh! factor. There was a well known actress who said a few yrs ago that "HALF" the people of the country wanted,etc.,etc. She hadn't written to anyone, so how did she know who wanted what?
It has always seemed to me that too many organisations claim to represent THE PEOPLE when they only represent their few members.
You have now got me too serious.

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