Do re-use your bread

  finerty 14:32 15 Mar 2012

use your loaf?

As the article goes on we the Brits waste bread by throwing it away, the article writer doesn't seem to understand that sell by dates are much shorter these days and there is a possibility of yeast infections.

And bread does go green with mold.

Im sure there are many who do re-use bread by feeding the pond birds and in cooking, and the old sarnies. But people's health comes first.

  JYPX 14:47 15 Mar 2012

So easy to freeze and defrost bread.

Reading about people who waste food is so depressing. I have a friend who sometimes goes to bed hungry (although not if I can help it....) Yes - there are people in the uk in 2012 who don't have enough to eat. Buying food that you don't intend to eat is IMO shameful and disgraceful - and I don't care how faddy your kids are.

  wiz-king 14:52 15 Mar 2012

Doesn't last long enough to go mouldy in our house. The ends of the loaves usually get left in the bread bin to do a bread pud with and even after a couple of weeks they don't go mouldy.

  Woolwell 15:05 15 Mar 2012

Before I bought a breadmaker we used to waste some bread, although not a lot. This was because it was not possible to buy loaves in the size we wanted. By the time we got partially through the end had gone stale. On the whole we waste very little food.

Part of the problem is that people don't know how to cook or don't have the time so they buy ready prepared and throw part of it away. I wonder how much pizza is thrown away?

  daz60 16:13 15 Mar 2012

On my way to work on an evening i sometimes shop at a local Tesco and see them ,often,fill two bin bags with both bread and baked produce to throw away.

I can imagine the sheer waste that occurs as a total for just this one shop.

Woolwell has the right idea,being considering that point a while,bake my own when i need it and in the quantity i require.Sometimes end up throwing at least a quarter of the loaf away.

  Quickbeam 17:10 15 Mar 2012

Modern plant bread has as much water as modern technology can make it physically hold, so there is no real stale bread as in a traditionally made loaf.

Bread mould, is just like cheese mould, it can be cut off and you can carry on eating it as normal. Or you can keep it for poultices it you're a witch.

I like toast in the morning so I don't have much waste bread as slightly stale makes better toast than fresh. Any waste after that goes to the birds.

If you like sweet puddings, treacle tart is simple bread crumbs mixed with golden syrup in a tart case, nothing else. Bread pudding has been mentioned.

My family think I strange because I like stale bread for dunking with soup, I don't think I'm strange at all (no comments required).

Really stale bread can be whizzed in a food processor for bread crumbs on your fish, they don't have to be dyed luminous yellow and cost a fortune.

All these things are what the older wartime generation did with waste, as it was a true sin during a war to waste any food.

  Aitchbee 19:32 15 Mar 2012

Sliced wholemeal bread seems to last longer than white sliced bread...I prefer to buy individual rolls that have hard crusts, and have been reduced in price...usually after 7:30pm at my local bigname-store.

ps. I have never seen green mould on bread...mainly blue, indigo or violet hues...the blue end, of the mouldy-old-dough spectrum!

  Quickbeam 19:53 15 Mar 2012

The blue mould is where penicillin was found by your fellow countryman Aelander Fleming, but it's much more effective in tablet form from the Docs, than from an orally masticated pulp from a toothless old hag stirring a big cauldron, with or without the bats wings...

  ordep 19:58 15 Mar 2012

I believe in France, people shop twice a day for bread.

  Woolwell 19:58 15 Mar 2012

The problem with making tarts or bread and butter pudding tends to be the high fat content.

  interzone55 20:18 15 Mar 2012

Any spare bread is eaten by the couple of dozen ducks on our lake

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