Do Prime Ministers.

  ulrich 19:32 26 Jan 2010

Always end up in the House of Lords or are there exceptions?

  morddwyd 19:59 26 Jan 2010

Heath didn't.

  Woolwell 20:00 26 Jan 2010

John Major?

  ulrich 20:03 26 Jan 2010

I should have said and a knighthood. Yes John and Ted were Sirs.

  Woolwell 20:11 26 Jan 2010

Neville Chamberlain

  folsom 20:13 26 Jan 2010

Blair ????

  Woolwell 20:15 26 Jan 2010


  ulrich 20:34 26 Jan 2010

Now what did he do wrong?

  beeuuem 20:43 26 Jan 2010

Chamberlain resigned the premiership on 10 May 1940 and ill health forced him to leave office as Lord President of the Council in Churchill's government in October 1940, and he died soon afterwards on 9th November, 1940.

  john bunyan 21:36 26 Jan 2010

The greatest example of not going to the Lords is Winston Churchill. I believe he turned down a Dukedom.

  john bunyan 21:37 26 Jan 2010

Sorry, missed your 20.03 post. WC was a "Sir".

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