Do plumbers ever take a shower?

  1911 21:58 24 May 2007

I live in my son in laws house and it has three showers, one electric and two power showers. In each of them the controls are at the inside so you have to reach under the shower head to turn them on.
My sister recently had a shower fitted. You guessed it. Controls in the far corner.
Now are plumbers just stupid or have my relations just been unlucky

  interzone55 22:04 24 May 2007

Why is this a problem?

I think of you have a shower cubicle there isn't much scope for moving things around, and seeing as the shower head is connected to the shower box via the hose, the head has to be in the vicinity of the controls.

Now if your question relates to the body odour of your average plumber I'd have to concur

  wallbash 22:33 24 May 2007

Longer hose , you could put the controls anywhere!
Im with 1911 with this.

seem to remember Aqualisa make a system with thermostatic controls outside cubicle

Then you could set temp /water pressure before you entered. Luxury

  donki 22:40 24 May 2007

There is a reason for this, my cousin is a plumber/spark and the main unit of the shower is usually positioned under the shower head as (it may seem silly) is less likely to come in constant contact with the water flowing from the shower head.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:44 24 May 2007

Blame the designer.
Electric showers
Hose comes out of bottom left corner as you face the unit.

Controls are in shower so you can adjust for water pressure fluctuations and therefore temp fluctuations when someone runs a tap elsewhere in the house.

  wallbash 22:53 24 May 2007

Power showers , the only way to go !
The only controls in cubicle regulate temp/pressure.

Hose from Thermostatic unit comes from outlet directly below unit, but with a longer hose, the head could be anywhere in cubicle.
Not following donki argument about water on unit, water flow seems to hit the other three walls in greater force than the one with the unit. Or is my Pressure too high , I Love it!

  1911 23:31 24 May 2007

of the four showers I mentioned three had controls on the left and one on the right. In all cases there would have been no difficuty in putting them on either side. I would never pass comment on the cleanliness of plumbers

  jimv7 09:50 25 May 2007

Its very simple, plumbers work for a living, and they cannot always go home to wash and change in between jobs.

With decent electrical showers these days the controls and temperature can be preset for individual use.

With thermostatic showers controls can be set before turning the shower on.

As the famous(infamous) GANDALF <|:-)> Quotes, Eyes raise.

  v1asco 11:06 25 May 2007

My Wife always leaves the Head turned towards the wall, which avoids getting wet when turning on the shower. I frequently forget so I get a roasting when she gets a splashing!

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