Do others share my sense of revulsion

  Forum Editor 11:36 26 Oct 2008

over this story?

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People who, like me, feel that the BBC is descending to the level of the lowest common denominator of late need look no further for proof that the fact that allows these two tasteless characters to behave as they did.

  lofty29 11:44 26 Oct 2008

I have only watched jonathon ross about once and that was enough for me, it is a pity that licence payers money is spent on such a pathetic individual, the BBC seem to be decending in their standards in many ways these days. As far as I can see most of the programmes that are not taken up with sport seem to me to be soaps and celebrity shows.

  canarieslover 11:47 26 Oct 2008

Brand has always offended my sense of decency and this 'prank' does not surprise me. Ross has lost direction from his beginnings on TV and has sunk to the same low levels as Brand. That the BBC waste such large sums of money on people like this sickens me. My definition of 'funny' is something that makes me laugh. This fell way outside that definition.

  Forum Editor 11:54 26 Oct 2008

is that the BBC had an opportunity to edit this 'prank' out of the show - it was pre-recorded, and was signed off by "a senior BBC executive".

  carver 12:00 26 Oct 2008

It's the same problem with a lot of famous people that they believe that it's quite alright to insult or say some very obscene comments about who ever they like, purely because they are famous.

I normally like Jonathan Ross because he can be quite funny but on this occasion both he and
Russell Brand came over as being child like in there behaviour.

If I where to base my opinion to wards them on just this one incident then I don't think I would ever want to watch them again. I did watch that episode on TV and at the time felt very uneasy about what they were doing, they had no idea about why Andrew Sachs couldn't appear that night and for all they knew it could have been a very serious problem.

The best thing both of them to do is apologies on public TV together and donate a VERY large sum of money to one of Andrew Sachs favourite charities.

  tigertop2 12:07 26 Oct 2008

100% in agreement with you,FE. I am always astonished that people like these two public misfits can be seen as being in any way entertaining. I would sack both of them and use the huge savings that makes to fund a general improvement in the BBC in terms of programme quality and HD Freeview coverage. It is time the BBC cleaned its act up and remembers who is paying for it.

  knockin on 12:37 26 Oct 2008

The sadness of this, for me, is that I am no longer surprised nor astonished by such incidents which are now rife on TV. ('Normalisation' is the term I believe.)
I know that 'standards' and 'morals' are very subjective topics, but I can see no value whatsoever in encouraging the nation to accept offensive trash as entertainment.
We can only show disapproval by not watching.
The BBC website forums often evidence many complaints about such behavior, however nothing seems to change.

  The Brigadier 12:53 26 Oct 2008

Is my licence fee really helping to pay for these 2 idiots to abuse people like this.

Jonathan Ross interviewing Daniel Craig on Friday night was so pathetic & so dull. Mt Craig looked bemused by it all & this does nothing for the image of the BBC.

May be the BBC thinks that this sort of amusing behaviour is what people want, well i dont!

  oresome 12:53 26 Oct 2008

"We can only show disapproval by not watching."

The flip side of that being that the majority approve, as the celebrities involved attract large audiences by going beyond conventional boundaries.

  Mr Mistoffelees 12:53 26 Oct 2008

Brand should be sacked.

Ross needs to think carefully about the direction he is moving toward and sort hinself out, or he should be sacked too.

  Jim Thing 13:05 26 Oct 2008 spot on. 'Offensive trash' sums it up precisely. Anyone remember when the BBC was the envy of the broadcasting world?

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