Do MPs actually think before they act?

  interzone55 22:27 10 Jan 2013

MPs call for 32% pay rise

BBC Link

  bumpkin 22:41 10 Jan 2013

Do MP's think at all would be a better title. No is the answer there only motivation is greed.

  bumpkin 22:43 10 Jan 2013

Do MP's think at all would be a better title. No is the answer their only motivation is greed.

  john bunyan 22:46 10 Jan 2013

What a load of hypocrites. The government have just won a vote to keep benefits at a max 1% increase, public sector pay is more or less frozen, and this self absorbed lot want in these times, an obscene pay rise.

Long term of course we have to pay MP's a "fair" rate but I think the easiest way would be to have their salaries , and ministers ones linked to a particular grade of civil servant or army officer, and for this to be decided by an independent body , maybe composed of senior business folk. The issue of productivity also should cone in to it. Why do we need so many MP's now we have devolved parliaments, Euro MP's etc? There should be a reduction in numbers equal in % to the increase they want.

  interzone55 22:49 10 Jan 2013

john bunyan

You have a good point with the link to Civil Servant grade, then when they freeze public sector salaries they'll freeze their own pay (which too be fair they have done for the last two years).

Currently the final salary decisions are made by an independent body, Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (Ipsa)

  bumpkin 23:08 10 Jan 2013

I have little or no respect for politicians they are only interested their own ends and a lot of them should have been done for fraud but weren't of course just the token scapegoats to appease us plebs.

  SillBill 23:23 10 Jan 2013

They definitely need 10 times more than old age pensioners - they probably eat and drink 10 times more - pity pensioners can't claim the same kinds of expenses or employ spouses paid from "expenses".

  TonyV 23:31 10 Jan 2013


If such a rise is sanctioned, presumably, to offset it, they will have no other expenses to fill their already bloated coffers? What other industry in the commercial world gets expenses like that? I got very little help when I moved to a new job, I couldn't get expenses for another home nearer to my place of work. But I forgot, most of the MPs have never worked before for commercial enterprises. They seem to use Research jobs with in the political empire to get experience of how the world works. Yea, right!!


  SillBill 23:45 10 Jan 2013


You forgot about the ones who are Lawyers and are still raking in fees as such. Oh, and don't some, a lot, of them have paid directorships outside the "HOUSE" and BTW I seem to remember an MP called Gordon Brown, is he still drawing an M.P's salary or is he writing his "Memoirs"?

  Forum Editor 09:27 11 Jan 2013

MPs in Italy, Austria, France, Germany, Netherlands, Ireland and Belgium all get paid more than UK MPs.

As fourm member says, if you ask people if they're being paid enough for what they do few of them will say they are. This was an anonymous survey, and the result was predictable. Do an anonymous survey of bus drivers and you would get the same answer.

  pavvi 10:30 11 Jan 2013

I've downloaded Yes Minister and Yes Prime Minister - amazing how true it is still. Many parallels!

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