Do many people overclock here?

  AL47 22:11 20 Aug 2010

i was just wondering.. my latest build is my first desktop [and therefore first build] and overclocking it has given me alot more machine for my money!

so do you guys do it?

just asking out of interest, i found with a bit of reading i was confident enough and it really has improved my pc for free

  Forum Editor 22:45 20 Aug 2010

I've never really seen much point in overclocking.

  spikeychris 22:48 20 Aug 2010

I've overclocked and overcooked for quite few years now. Keep going and you will pass that critical line - the one that can't fill the bucket as fast as you are emptying it...great fun getting there though.

  spikeychris 22:51 20 Aug 2010

typing his response from a park bench with his tartan rug whist shaking a gnarled fist at the ruffians playing on the grass...

  AL47 23:14 20 Aug 2010

i guess for alot its not worth it, but gaining 75% extra for no money seems like a good idea for me

it is fun tho.. really shows you each chip is different

  Forum Editor 23:16 20 Aug 2010

You paint a charming picture Chris, but although I've probably typed a few responses from park benches there's never been a tartan rug in sight.

My lack of interest in overclocking isn't the reaction of a Luddite, I've built and tuned many a machine, I've just never felt the need to push a processor to the limit; fractions of seconds aren't that important to me in the work that I do.

Apologies in advance for any typos - gnarled fists and laptop keyboards aren't a marriage made in heaven.

  spikeychris 23:46 20 Aug 2010

took me to the dark side for a while - I then worked on ways of building new register entries - the Intel fellows might have missed them!

Turning the thread slightly - tell me you wouldn't sell your youngest to be an Intel Fellow..

FE - just managed to read your haphazard response as I found an 'Old peoples translation program' that worked.

  rdave13 00:12 21 Aug 2010

My list of 'never done' consists of replacing mobo. Flashing bios and overclocking.
Found out that I can overclock my CPU to 8% and GPU to 10% safely. Any more on the CPU and the bios won't work. So my list of 'never done' has been reduced by 1.
Not been a spectacularly overclocking (not added special cooling systems) but have had success.

  OTT_B 08:16 21 Aug 2010

I have a quite nice Asus motherboard, whch allows for more than one bios profile to be stored, and for some fine tuning of a lot of hardware.

I have three profiles sotred on it. 'low power', which underclocks the system, but reduces power consumption to almost nothing (good for if i'm only web surfing, word processing etc) and when the PC will be on for a long time.

'Normal'...pretty much self explanatory. And 'high power', which is a 40% overclock. This is for when I need to do a lot of data crunching, and especially video editing. This pretty much improves video editing time by 40%. Well worth it if it would otherwise take 2 hours to do a video conversion!

So, I find it well worth being able to adjust my hardware performance profiles.

  gengiscant 10:05 21 Aug 2010

I to have dabbled in the dark arts that is overclocking.It has become so much easier now with the likes of the Asus and Gigabytes mobos to overclock with some safety.

Both my i5 and twin HD5770's have been overclocked and certainly in the case of the GPU's a big performance in gaming has been achieved.

Dabbling in the Bios is also a great way to learn a lot more about the underbelly,so to speak,of PC's.

  AL47 10:20 21 Aug 2010

i havent overclocked my 5850, im a bit wary of ruining that

but i have overclocked my 17 920 from 2.66GHz which its rated at to 3.8GHz, would like to get 4GHz soon

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