Do a lot of others find all these PCA and other Mag website ADs damn annoying?

  Jwbjnwolf 04:28 22 Jul 2012

One thing thats always annoyed me about PCA website is how all the ADs are, how much have been put on the site.

I know IDG have adverts obviously to make profit like with any company, but compared to a lot of other websites, PCA and a number other mags such as Computer Active have about 2-4x the amount of adverts compared to other sites.

A website with a decent amount of ADs is eHow

The amount that eHow has put across their site is far less than here, and they do not get in you way, clog up the site.

How PCA and a number other mag websites have done it, the ADs are everywhere.

It's not too bad on my mac because on the screen is big, and two, its powerful, but on a computer like my netbook, which is a small screen and low powered, these ADs really get in the way plus waste a lot of power that shouldn't be necessary for a website to use which means it isn't a very smooth experience browsing PCA.

Netbooks and lower powered machines are annoying enough how much they lag browsing websites compared to higher powered mid-range devices, so why does all these Mag websites such as IDG sites have to have this massive amount of ADs?

At the side, at the top, all over the page, in-between website elements such as the comment box and thread etc and then sometimes in-between paragraphs on reviews/articles. I know you don't entirely have control over the ADs, but surely you do on the placements of these ADs and not go really over board with them.

PCA is the best best designed forum website in my opinion, don't offer too little or too much features, but the amount of ADs all over the place, its a big let down.

And how PCA got the currys/pc world ad at the side which moves with you done the page, thats a death trap for low powered machines.

Not in a mood or anything, sorry if the way I've wrote it sounds that way, I'm just addressing this out, as I'm sure it isn't just me lol. And even my mum and a few others that I've got to come onto PCA have moaned about these ADs as they are a nuisance.

I know, I know, if you could get just as much profit that you get with ADs without ADs, you'd make it AD free, but sadly not the case lol.

  mole1944 06:23 22 Jul 2012

The adverts help pay for the site,pcadvisor isn't a charity the site needs money to survive,however if they went onto a subscription model that's another argument. it's free to use saves you pounds with everybody's knowledge,and a jolly good and friendly site.

  Quickbeam 08:36 22 Jul 2012

Yes, but it's something that we have to tolerate for a free site. Now and again a particularly annoying ad pops up with even more annoying frequency and PCA are left in no doubt that it's annoying. The feedback has resulted in the frequency being reduced or even with some types being dropped.

PCA must be the worlds leading knowledge on what type of ad is acceptable and what is not:)

  WhiteTruckMan 08:54 22 Jul 2012

Two things annoy me. The number of times the loading of the page stalls because of waiting for the ads to load (usually something called doubleclick, but they aren't the only ones) and the occasional adult themed ones that appear unexpectedly. If I want that sort of thing I'll go to a different type of website, thank you.


  Pine Man 08:58 22 Jul 2012

As has been explained PCA needs ads to pay for the running of the forum. Without going into detail, you don't actually have to have all the ads displayed if you don't want to see them.

  spuds 10:51 22 Jul 2012

If you are that concerned about the annoyance of adverts (and most of us are at times, especially when they appear to take over a computer), then there are some very simple remedies that can be applied. It doesn't take all that much to find these remedies?.

Personally I usually go with the low, because most things in life are not always free, even though they might appear to be?.

  carver 10:59 22 Jul 2012

I do not have one problem with ads, in fact I don't have them load in the first place.

No ads jumping about on home page, nobody trying to sell me any thing, about the only thing running on home page is breaking news.

  Forum Editor 13:23 22 Jul 2012

Hands up everyone who would pay £10 a year to stay registered with us.

I thought so - hardly anyone.

We take advertising because it costs a great deal of money to keep this site running each year. The site is very successful in terms of the numbers of people who visit us, so advertisers want to use us to reach those people. Those of you who block the ads are perfectly at liberty to do so, but if everyone did the same thing we would be taking the site off-line with months.

It's a matter of simple economics, no more, no less.

  carver 13:34 22 Jul 2012

F.E I wasn't suggesting that every body uses ad blockers as norm, merely trying to point out that ads are ads, no big thing and for free site this is not bad.

  wee eddie 14:07 22 Jul 2012

I have no beef with the Adverts but I have to use an Ad-Blocker.

The reason: A number of the Ads, not all, are created by Designers who have no concept of life on the end of a pipe that delivers 1.5Mbps on a good day.

The stuff they design is beautiful, eye catching, and state of the Art, very impressive.

Unfortunately: it rarely downloads in less than 45 seconds and makes the site unusable. So I have installed the aforesaid Ad-Blocker

My message to the Advertising Profession is:

Give us your Ads, tell us what your product is, but forget the flashing moving bits or you will get turned off.

You may believe what the ISPs advertise about the Speeds that they deliver, but most of the rest of us live in a real world where a 20Mbps Service is promised to deliver 7Mbps but real time sees 2Mbps, frequently at 1Mbps. There are times when I have fond memories of Dial-up, at least you were not lead to expect the earth.

p.s. If you advertise a service that you are unable to deliver, we wont believe the rest of your claims either.

  Forum Editor 14:36 22 Jul 2012

**"My message to the Advertising Profession is: Give us your Ads, tell us what your product is, but forget the flashing moving bits or you will get turned off."**

That's pretty good advice,wee eddie, but I doubt it will be heeded. Advertisers know that their ad will be competing for attention with others, and movement catches the eye.

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