Do I really need Service Pack 2?

  CurlyWhirly 18:48 06 Aug 2004

I have read about Microsoft putting more emphasis into security in it's SP2 download at the expense of compatibilty with some applications.
What I would like to know is is it worth installing SP2 as I am currently protected with ALL the latest security patches and I run a firewall, anti-virus, anti-spyware and a trojan scanner.

If I did install it (after all the minor glitches have been ironed out!) is it possible to uninstall it if I came across compatibity problems like Service Pack 1 where you are given the option to archive it?

  oresome 19:49 06 Aug 2004

Better still, wait a while.

This site will quickly tell you what problems you might expect courtesy the early adopters.

  powerless 20:38 06 Aug 2004

click here

FE agree?

  georgemac 21:16 06 Aug 2004

I'll put it on straight away. Like the FE says if you do not like it it can easily be removed.

Powerless, I hope MS do make the SP2 upgrade available on magazine cover disks etc as it says in the article, will be a huge benefit for dial up users, which I was until a week ago.

I cannot believe the difference with BB, updates AVG in seconds, windows update a breeze. Would never want to go back.

  CurlyWhirly 22:37 06 Aug 2004

Forum Editor

I will of course be buying the next issue of PC Advisor like I said in a previous topic I haven't missed a copy since I had my PC over 2 years ago!
I will be looking forward to reading what Microsoft have to say on this subject!

  CurlyWhirly 22:44 06 Aug 2004


I agree with you entirely about the benefit of Microsoft putting the SP2 on PC magazine cover disks for those still on dial-up.
I am glad that you like your new broadband connection and I (like you) would NEVER go back to dial-up!
I have had broadband for over a year now and IMHO broadband rocks!

The problem with putting SP2 or any other windows upgrade on a cover disc is that it makes it just that Much easier for those with illegal/pirate copies to update their O.S.

  georgemac 13:05 07 Aug 2004

I do not agree with that at all. MS have already prevented the common pirated keys from being able to install SP1 and will be the same with SP2.

Cover discs would mainly benefit legitimaate dial up users, as the download is far too big for them.

If you are right, what is the reason for the reluctance on the part of Microsoft to allow service packs and upgrades to be distributed via magazine cover discs?

  georgemac 15:56 07 Aug 2004

I must admit I do not know. They will provide you with a free cd themselves, posted to your house, therefore I thought it would be more cost effective to put it on a cover disk.

Maybe they are concerned about pirates, but if you can download it the only check it does is check your software key to make sure it is not one of the pirated keys. The software on the cd does exactly the same.

  georgemac 16:06 07 Aug 2004

developing longhorn, I would get with motherboard manufacturers now, and install the operating system on a removable chip on the motherboard, don't know if it would be cost effective but it would stop piracy.

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