do health warnings do anything?

  [email protected] 13:05 28 May 2007

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hi all, as a recovering alcoholic and active smoker, im simply asking do health warnings actually do anything?
never put me off smoking, hey i was 14, you're never gonna die when you are a teenager.
they say on the news ladies shouldnt drink anything during pregnency! is this news? im 39, never been married or sired a child but i dont believe i have ever known a pregnant friend drink alcohol.
Is there anyone who doesnt know alcohol and tobacco kill a hell of a lot of people? i have lost 4 good friends, my age to alcohol, and about another 5 people i have tried to help have died during my sobriety, a great many more, like me are still enjoying this new found clearness.
so, i think unless somebody takes you to an aa meeting everytime you buy a bottle of becks the advice of what a man and women are 'supposed to drink' is pretty pointless, as the vast majority of people can drink normally, and in my expience the problem drinker and a sad lonely alcoholic are 2 completely different cases. and i dont know a smoker who doesnt know that he will probably die from his habit.
any thoughts? you think it's a good idea?

  v1asco 13:15 28 May 2007

They didn't for me, I packed cigs because my lungs were rattling.

  [email protected] 13:19 28 May 2007

I thought the same thing this morning,when watching the news, one of the topics was labelling of alchohol beverages.
How many people read the label before drinking?

If you have a drink problem would the label stop you drinking that bottle answer -no
fags have smoking kills etc-
helps to stop smoking answer -no

  Guardianangel 13:22 28 May 2007

I don't think so.

  Forum Editor 13:38 28 May 2007

it's never going to happen to you. That's what people think when they're doing things that are known to be dangerous. It applies to drinking, smoking, driving fast, eating too much, having unsafe sex, and all the other dangerous things we do.

It's never going to happen to us.

  MrNerdy 17:53 28 May 2007

I see many youngsters smoking these days, even those under 16. The warnings are a lot more grahical than when i was young, yet some still think it's 'cool' to smoke.

The adverts for un-protected sex in the mid 80's was when AIDS was first coming to the front of the news, but still many people now have un-protected sex & STD's are at one of their highest for years.

So may be warnings dont work?

  picklsey 18:12 28 May 2007

of course they don,t it,s just the forerunner to tax protect our health of course.

  Forum Editor 18:38 28 May 2007

is that health warnings very often involve giving up something you really enjoy, or at best doing it less.

If someone published a research paper saying that wearing loud tops was bad for your health nobody would mind too much - except the makers of loud tops.

We've evolved to be pleasure-seekers, and to some people self- gratification is irresistible - they indulge to excess, and pay the price. Others find it somewhat easier to stay on the straight and narrow - it's the genetic lottery at work.

  josie mayhem 18:42 28 May 2007

Health warnings are the bigots wedge!

  Legolas 19:13 28 May 2007

I stopped drinking 15 years ago I would not say I was an alcoholic as you say the problem drinker is different from the alcoholic.

I was addicted to being drunk and not the alcohol. I know that no amount of warnings would have stopped me drinking, I was told by a GP that I had hepatitis of the Liver, this means that the liver is swollen due to alcohol abuse, which is the early stages of cirrhosis.

She told me I should not drink for six weeks and then go back for more tests if my liver had gone back to its proper size I could start drinking again a maximum of two pints a day.

I left the doctors and straight into the pub so if that warning from the doctor didnt stop me drinking a warning on a bottle or whatever certainly wouldn't.

  Simsy 19:13 28 May 2007

when I was at primary school, we were shown a time lapse film of a tooth being left in a glass of "fizzy drink", (I don't remember exactly what, some sort of cola).

What we saw was a tooth destroyed and disappering in a few seconds, (probably about 30?). In reality it had probably taken a few days or weeks.

It scared the bejasus out of me, and I didn't drink cola, or anything like it, for most of the rest of my young years because of it.

If something similar was shown to children of a similar age nowadays, showing lungs/liver/teeth being destroyed by the "bad stuff", I'm sure it would have a great effect.

Surely it can only be worth trying?



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