Do girls prefer pink laptops?

  Managing ed 11:43 21 Aug 2007

Two scientists claim to have proven that women prefer pink:

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I'm not hugely convinced by the science anyway, but isn't it patronising when manufacturers try to marke things to women simply by making them pink? Or is it part of the consumer nature of modern computers that some people value style over substance?

  Belatucadrus 12:52 22 Aug 2007

Nothing, but there's a load of cultural baggage applied to it that this study has managed to largely ignore. Preferring to make grand sounding and completely unsubstantiated comments about Open Savannah, Evolution and Ripe fruit. That's what I object to, it's just bad science. The sample group is too small and it appears to be confined to a group that right or wrong has colour/gender preconceptions. Now if you can replicate the results with an international multi cultural survey covering thousands of individuals then you'd have some credibility. At best all its managed to do is confirm that a higher proportion of girls prefer Pink, which we knew. To come up with all the so called "explanations" is poor and barely rates as a hypothesis, let alone a theory.

  wee eddie 13:20 22 Aug 2007

What does ones Laptop say about you?

What would one want your Laptop to say about you?

Does having a flash Laptop make you a good business person?

Could having a Laptop, with an image that is at odds with your ability, be a successful business ploy to wrong foot the opposition.

I have never forgotten one of my Fathers best friends who became the M.D. of a major British Electronics Company (in it's hay-day). He had left the Navy at the top of the Tree and gone farming. When he was recruited to run this Company he never got rid of the Landed Gentry look, all Tweeds, Brogues and Bonhomie. The Americans thought that he was a walkover and he landed some very profitable contracts because the Opposition could not believe that this hayseed was able to outwit them. He thought the whole thing very droll because they really did treat him as though he was the Country Cousin.

  wee eddie 17:05 22 Aug 2007

When he heard what you said he started at Page 1 of his Instruction Manual for Salesman.

Are there not times when an Interviewee might not open up more, if he thought of you as a dizzy blond? A veritable Wolf in Sheep's clothing.

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