Do girls prefer pink laptops?

  Managing ed 11:43 21 Aug 2007

Two scientists claim to have proven that women prefer pink:

click here

I'm not hugely convinced by the science anyway, but isn't it patronising when manufacturers try to marke things to women simply by making them pink? Or is it part of the consumer nature of modern computers that some people value style over substance?

  Quickbeam 11:51 21 Aug 2007

is long past it's sell-by date.

We can have cameras, TVs etc in flashy colours. The last computer case I bought was a nice electric blue, with lots of flashing lights (just like a 'Star Trek' computer!).

It's only a cover like mobiles have... so why can't we have a greater choice for laptops?

  MichelleC 12:00 21 Aug 2007

It is patronising and it's a silly way to conduct a colour-association test.

The Luscer colour tests show the preference of colours depending on how the person is feeling. You could not possibly analise from this test the preferred colour of a gender.

You would need much more intensive elimination control tests than this.

  cycoze 12:29 21 Aug 2007

Didn't Kate B do an article on Pink Products?

All that gained from asking 208 people ! bit like these annoying TV adverts telling us a product has been voted as best, then the small print telling us it was voted tops by 96% of 95 Women (yes that is a current advert).

  Hamburglar 12:54 21 Aug 2007

The market talks, and if women didn't buy pink laptops, advertisers wouldn't make them, end of.

  Jim Thing 13:04 21 Aug 2007

Speaking as a boring male, I buy a gadget on the basis that:
(a) it does what it's supposed to do;
(b) it's well-built and reliable;
(c) I can afford it;
(d) it doesn't shout "Look at me! I'm a poser!"

I'm not into fashion statements and I really don't care what any gadget looks like (although I wouldn't want a pink laptop — or a Ferrari red one, to be honest).

  hereford456 13:42 21 Aug 2007

If i bought my partner a pink laptop she would:
Thump me, swear a lot at me & return the product.
And then suggest i get my eyes tested!

  hereford456 13:43 21 Aug 2007

If i bought my partner a pink laptop she would:
Thump me, swear a lot at me & return the product.
And then suggest i get my eyes tested!

  lisa02 13:46 21 Aug 2007

"some people value style over substance"

I'm not one of them, style is down the list (though not at the bottom) on my wants when looking at technology. I have paid extra just to get a better looking device though - like my k810i. I wanted over the K800i, both the same phone but the K810i is a nicer, newer design.

I certainly do NOT want pink, my computer is black and silver, mp3 player is silver and my mobile is royal blue and metallic.

My 10yr old niece has a pink one of almost everything though.

  wee eddie 13:58 21 Aug 2007

Why are men so boring that they all want to be seen with the same colour.

Suits ~ Dark Grey.
Cars ~ Light Grey.
Evening wear ~ Black.
PCs ~ Black.
Laptops ~ Dark Grey.
Shoes ~ Black.

Now each one of us may have a moment of madness and go around in brown shoes, or have a Blue jacket, but that's about it. We're fashion sheep!

Women are much more adventurous and have rainbow coloured wardrobes, why should their Laptops not follow that. Adding colours to ones equipment is just a facet of that fashion sense.

However, I can't see Nicola Horlick shuffling through a pile of laptops and saying "I just can't find a single one that I can take, to the Office, with this suit!"

  Quickbeam 14:02 21 Aug 2007

Nice analogy.

We're too boring by far... lighten up!

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