Do BT Tell Porkies When enquiring about D/L Speed

  proudfoot 14:52 15 May 2010

I decided to change my ISP because my previous ISP was becoming unreliable.
When I made enquiries with BT about what D/L speed I could expect, I was advised I should be able to get about 2.0 to 2.5Mb/sec.
Immediately I was connected I was receiving an average D/L speed of about 2.25Mb/sec for about a week.
I have 3 times spoken to their so called Helpline which I can only assume is in India as I have never spoken to anyone with an Anglo-Saxon accent.

I have never been given a satisfactory reason why my speed should drop after about a week other than they use "Line adaptive software" to control line speed what ever that is.

When the speed was above 2.0Mb/sec I noticed no problems what so ever, so feel there is no good reason to limit the D/L speed.

I feel BT are over quoting the speeds they can provide to a particular location to boost their sales.

Sadly I am locked into another 13 months of the contract other wise I would consider cancelling the contract, but as I do not have anything in writing I cannot prove my point.

I am very interested in the comments of others in a similar position.

  rawprawn 15:38 15 May 2010

I have no complaint about BT broadband speeds. They said I would get 6.7mb and that is what I get on up to 8mb max.
Also you haven't said what your download speed has dropped to.
Try this speed test click here

  Mark5001 16:24 15 May 2010

On BT since July 2009. Was getting a good 3MB/Sec after the first ten day settling period. It started to slow down around Feb this year. Two weeks ago I kept getting an average of 300KB /Sec. This was due to a reprofiling of the line according to BT. Made a complaint and a very polite Indian lady told me of a fault at the exchange, and that after 7 days "fixing the problem" I would get a very good speed. Rubbish!! struggling to get above 1MB/Sec at any time now, and no more word from BT at all. I am supposed to on 8MB Max. I am 2.5 KM from the exchange if I recall correctly. Being in the wilds of North Wales, I did not expect the 8MB or even 6MB, but I would like my average 3MB/Sec back that I was getting before this.

  proudfoot 16:56 15 May 2010

Sorry, I forgot to say my best D/L speed is now around 1.4Mb/sec. and would be delighted if I could get anyware near rawprawn's speed
I am about 2.5 miles from the exchange if the cable route is by road.

  spuds 22:15 15 May 2010

Ofcom are looking into speeds quoted by ISP's, and marketing procedures, and shortly there is likely to be a more stricter guidance on this issue.

At present, no ISP's will guarantee speed, and that is why the usual "upto" comes into play. On a personal note, BT OpenReach engineers have 'tested' and confirmed my line is capable of 4.5, and the call centre as stated 5.0. The exchange is 2.5 miles away. Yet in reality I was getting anything from below 1.0 to maximum 1.9 depending on daily time factor. Tiscali could not improve on this, yet Talk Talk have managed to provide a regular speed increase on service of 'upto' maximum 2.9, since they took over. So in all, what should the ISP provide as a guarantee, or what will the lines provide!.

  Forum Editor 23:02 15 May 2010

but it's certainly a contentious one.

Downstream speeds will vary, it's a fact. They will vary because at times there are lots of people contending for the bandwidth, and they'll vary because at times there are some people consuming more than their fair share of bandwidth. Those people - bandwidth hogs, as they're often called - are illegally downloading films and/or music by the terrabyte.

Another problem is latency - the time it takes for data packets to be switched from one part of the network to another. It can be a major problem when it comes to downstream speeds, although it's something that will tend to recede in terms of importance as service providers upgrade their systems.

Fibre-optic cable is going to transform internet services, but until that happens Internet Service providers will continue to be cagey about speeds - we'll all have to put up with being quoted 'up to' speeds.

  morddwyd 08:23 16 May 2010

"They will vary because at times there are lots of people contending for the bandwidth, "

I spoke to O2 about this earlier this week, as my speed varies from an entirely acceptable 6 meg (over 7 at the moment) during the day to less than half a meg in the evening, which makes even Windows updates virtually unavailable.

They said that as well as putting pressure on BT to unbundle rural exchanges, they are also contacting all "high users" telling them to cut down or face restrictions.

  Forum Editor 09:24 16 May 2010

In May 2009 SKY announced that it was fed up with waiting for BT, and decided to do its own unbundling off the BT network.

The company used its own equipment to build a network that gave it end to end control of its customers' broadband and telephone services.

  Chegs ®™ 10:15 16 May 2010

I have used many ISP's over the years.When I had all my phone services provided by BT,I was regularly disconnected and whenever BT were contacted to enquire why I no longer had my BB I would be told "there's a fault on my line" and normal service would resume in the next few days.It never did resume & after contacting BT again,I was then informed that I owed money and until the debt was paid I could not have BB.Having paid out several times for reconnection fees,when a salesperson knocked on my door and informed me I could switch my phone services (including line rental) away from BT,I did so.The mysterious disconnections for unpaid bills ceased immediately I switched provider.Regarding surfing speeds,I was on a fixed 2Mb line for 2yrs with no problems,then my speed dropped dramatically to bytes unless it was 3-4am.I contacted my ISP but despite their best efforts,any improvement was short-lived.I switched to another ISP and was receiving upto 6Mbs initially,but only for a month or two(once the "cooling off" period ended,so did my fast BB which I was able to use as a lever to escape their contract)One incident I recall where I was lied to by BT was when they would only provide me with a PAYG home phone which I agreed to as BT stated I would still be able to have broadband.Every ISP I tried to join(including BT itself)told me that I cannot have BB on a PAYG line,& when I called BT to complain they tried to tell me that my present phone-line wasn't able to carry BB.This irritated me as I knew all I actually needed was an electrical connection to the exchange(phone line)and I'd already had several years of BB services.My present connection varies from about 1Mb up to 6.7Mbs but as I don't use it in the same ways as previously(can only take so much Linux)this presents no problems.

  Uboat 10:48 16 May 2010

Where i live in Hull we are unique in the whole of the UK, we cannot sue BT or any other ISP its got to be Karoo, although other companies may come into the area they simply wont because karoo own all the hardware & its simply not finacialy worth while for other comanies to invest :-(
Anyway they advertise speeds upto 24meg click here
I get almost all the time between 8/9 meg & some times 14 but rarely! im running on a quad extreme with a new ADSL2+ router & all the cables in my street was replaced last year & yet i dont know anyone local to me that can get anywhere near the 24meg advertised.? YES i'm so so happy with the 8/9 meg i'm getting but we pay £30 pm for our BB & i think it is about time OFCOM started to react to these companies that say "UpTo" what ever speeds it looks like they do offer the speed to some very lucky clients BUT i would of thought less than 5% of them!
Its simply not fair its ripping us off kinda like buying a icecream with 3 lumps & only getting 2 & them saying thats what we are offering butwe dont have a cone big enough to hold three scoops of icecream! Turning the tables around When it came to my DD payments everymonth if i was to say to them "Well you'l have to settle with £15 this month cause i dont have the £30 you require" i would soon be cutoff so why is this false advertising not more acurate.? & why dont they invest into the places that dont have a weak signal.?
One other thing which for years ive never got my head around is SKY/BT & a whole load of BB suppliers do is the advertising billboards in & around hull often these companies advertise there BB packages costing them £££'s & yet they wont invest into the market so why waste there advertsing money.?
Well thats my yearn for the day..

  Uboat 10:49 16 May 2010

sorry i meant to say "USE" bt on the first

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