Do any wine drinkers on the forum

  Quickbeam 16:24 16 May 2019
Answered more than a tenner for a bottle of wine?

I would most likely have ordered a bottle of Becks!

  QuizMan 16:54 16 May 2019

Paid £3.50 on offer in Morrisons

  Al94 16:57 16 May 2019

Often pay much more than £10 although often less for a day to day drinking wine. Often cheaper by the case 2001 Le Pin

  oresome 20:09 16 May 2019

At home we usually pay less than a fiver per bottle although invariably purchased at the supermarket in quantity when there is 25% off 6 or more.

At a pub restaurant we'll pay £20 or so for the second cheapest on the wine list. Not convinced I would appreciate the difference with anything much dearer and only ever drink wine with food rather than simply for it's own enjoyment.

We do hold a large stock of wine and there can be quite a noticeable difference in taste between bottles of the same brand / variety purchased at different times but unless you were tasting and spitting out, you quickly become accustomed to the taste of the new bottle and I wouldn't like to say which was the better (and you get past caring after two glasses anyway!).

  HondaMan 21:26 16 May 2019

We usually aim for between £7 - £8. At the present we rather like either Yellow Tail or Wolfbass Merlot

  wee eddie 22:22 16 May 2019

I wonder what the mark up was on that bottle?

  Old Deuteronomy 11:11 17 May 2019

It always amuses that, when tasting wine, "connoisseurs" will say it tastes of almost anything, except fermented grape juice...

  oresome 19:58 18 May 2019

25% off 6 or more at Tesco, including Yellow Tail this morning.

  Quickbeam 20:55 18 May 2019
  john bunyan 08:39 19 May 2019

What has Becks to do with wine?

We buy 3 Mills U.K. red at ASDA at £3.25 - a good red for the price. I will look at the Yellow Tail mentioned as my wife likes Merlot

  Quickbeam 08:53 19 May 2019

I prefer a longer more refreshing drink, that's all.

I'm a wine Philistine, the bottle in question wouldn't have been noticed as much different to any supermarket bottle with me....

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