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Do adverts annoy you and why !

  mrgrumpy 23:45 05 Oct 2019

Ok so I accept that loads of people advertise stuff and they are tax deductible as a business expense but what I have a problem with is how it all happens and this can fall into many categories.

here are some examples.

A premiership football team wear kits with *** logo on them and the so called marketing men just know children ( kids are young goats ) will apply pester power to buy the kit , so 1 child turns up with the latest xyz kit and parents and children say I/we want it as well , what I don't get is joe blogs at a local firm at a very small club has a board with his name on , is this also tax deductible because I would not go buy a bath from a local plumber just because his name was on a board at a local football ground.

Sorry to say this but unlike many years ago sites now accept adverts/income to help pay for the running costs , what I don't like is , and this site is a typical example , adds pop up so fast that you are just about to click on answer for somebody and in a split second an add pops up so fast that you get redirected.

Television adverts ….. they really ps me off , example a well known person starts an advert by saying hello my name is *** , , , cut the B.S. I know who you are so why don't you just talk your way through the advert.

Next , STUPID adverts have you ever watched an advert and wondered where is this going , the video has nothing to do with the product and right at the end " the well known person" tells you , I always use …..

GAMES (any format ) adverts on tv , adults are/should be street savvy buy children are not , they don't spot the message at the bottom that says , not in game footage , that should not be allowed because child says to dad , advert was good game is **.

Google play store on tablets , you look at user comments and they say , I uninstalled as I got fed up with ads , on a personal note I can say I THINK it is NOT the game provider I think it is the google system that is hitting users with adverts , the reason I say this is because I got a new tablet and re-installed all the games/apps from my library ,all of a sudden I found myself using the same things that never carried adverts. EXAMPLE... I downloaded a game called iluminati , you cant even look at your progress tabs without been hit by adds before looking at progress , this never use to happen.

AND FINALLY , despite all my moaning I have to do a quick rewind , many years ago I use to use a website called stage 6 I got dozens of old films legally that were out of the 50 copywrite , and the sad thing was advertising was only just beginning to kick in and they had to shut down because they could not get anyone to come onboard to support their running costs.

  Menzie 13:10 07 Oct 2019

It's election time at the moment and the amount of adverts from one party bad-mouthing the other every single commercial break has become tiresome.

Every news broadcast now is about the election with adverts from the election.

Then they wonder why tv news viewership is on the decline.

And don't get me started on all the anti-depressant ads on. Are people more depressed than ever nowadays? It seems that way.

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