déjà vu poll?

  octal 12:46 28 Jan 2005

Am I seeing things, or have we had that poll before about browsers? I must be getting senile in my old age.

  JaßîsFaß ˜ 12:59 28 Jan 2005

I've answered a web browser poll b4, but done it again just in case they lost the results to the previous one :)

  octal 13:06 28 Jan 2005

Thanks for that, well, I usually vote but I clear the cookies and cache often so it doesn't show that I've voted, then they put another one on about SP1 (I think), then back to this one about browsers. Never mind, its not the end of the world if I don't bother this time around to vote.

I'll tick resolved, as I'm not about to fall off the edge after all :-)

  octal 13:08 28 Jan 2005

Or was it SP2? There, just shows my state of mind!

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 16:30 28 Jan 2005

Yes,i have seen this one before!

But i think in the mag they said something about the poll to do with inks.but why are they doing it again?

  watchful 16:33 28 Jan 2005

The current poll is about Ink but that has been done before too.

  carolineann 16:45 28 Jan 2005

FE will enlighten us all, when he has time.

  watchful 16:56 28 Jan 2005

It's changed to an Apple one now so there must have been a gremlin somewhere.

  Forum Editor 17:49 28 Jan 2005

Sorry about that - clicked on the wrong button. All's well now.

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