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DIY - any ideas on what's causing this problem?

  Gordon Freeman 18:46 24 Feb 2019

I have an en-suite shower & the delivered water temp is not as high as it once was. There are 2 controls, 1 for increasing water flow rate, and the other with a lock/latch mechanism on it which is set at a certain/default temperature, which is adjustable. Recently we've needed to move it beyond this default setting in order for the water temp to be hotter. The shower is a Trevi A3000. Could it be the valve needs changing, or something else? Thanks.

  Quickbeam 06:23 25 Feb 2019

Try fitting a new hose first. The inner rubber core breaks down over time and constricts the flow like a blocked artery and causes the flow sensors to work incorrectly. It was what caused mine to do that.

  Gordon Freeman 09:16 25 Feb 2019

Slight amendment, the shower is an A3000AA.

Thanks QB, but no, it's not the hose, that was replaced a few months ago.

The flow seems fine, it's just the shower water is cooler (not as hot) than it was previously, meaning we need to move the temp control forward to make it hotter.

The adjoining sink hot water tap is as hot as it has ever been (very hot), but research advises the two (taps & shower systems) are not connected, hence my thinking it might be the temp valve which could be the problem.

  Gordon Freeman 09:20 25 Feb 2019

No idea how asus appeared in that link, but hopefully this will work now.


  hssutton 10:09 25 Feb 2019

Possibly scale build up in the thermostatic cartridge, so just a soak in descaler would do the trick. However a new thermostat is required. Instructions for cleaning/replacing a cartridge can be found on the internet. A simple job on a bar shower, but a little more complicated on the Trevi and much more expensive than for such as a bar shower.

  Pine Man 11:31 25 Feb 2019

My shower manufacturer advices frequently turning the thermostatic control knob from cold to hot rapidly which should descale it.

  Forum Editor 12:43 25 Feb 2019

Pine Man

Beat me to it.

"The adjoining sink hot water tap is as hot as it has ever been (very hot)"

You need to make sure that the incoming temperature is not too high. If it is, the shower thermostat can be damaged. Check the manual for your particular model - it should give you a max/min hot water supply temperature.

  qwbos 17:05 25 Feb 2019

If you have a look at the installation instruction pdf that you'll find on the page you linked to, you'll see details of the recommended installation. If you have in line strainers and restrictors fitted, it's possible that you've got a partial blockage in the hot water feed. If you can access this easily, you may be able to feel a temperature difference across the assembly. Worth also checking isolation valves.

  Gordon Freeman 18:09 25 Feb 2019

Thanks all, ok I'll try that Pine Man/FE - the turning through full range, if that doesn't work I think I'll go for moving the black H-shaped plastic part so as to set it at higher temp - which I got from reading the installation document (thanks qbos).

However nothing is easily accessible (is it ever?) so I'll pass on checking temp differences or isolation valves as I don't wish to do any unnecessary damage or create more work...which I've got into the habit of doing, even on quite simple jobs lately :)

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